Fund Diversion and ED

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Fund Diversion and ED

Spokesperson: Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi, MP: He said we areasking this in the national interest, a very curious situation. The ED’snotice is seeking attachment of over Rs. 21 Crores from a knownclose connected aide of Mr. VK Singh. I do not think anybody’saide has the stature, the power, the position, the pelf, the impactto have such large sums of money on his own which the ED in awritten notice is seeking attachment of. It is the ED’s notice whichpoints out that 13 shell Companies were owned or managed by orowned by him, his family Members. And the funds received in theLoan accounts of these Companies were diverted in contraventionof loan terms agreed with the bank and used by Shri Singh for hisown benefit”.

But most significant and the most important pointer is to the tune,sector, the subject, the issue, which gave rise to this fund diversionand ED attachment. The ED says and it is very important “Theinvestigation revealed that the loan funds were taken on the basisof forged documents of supply orders to the Para-military Forcesand the Armed Forces which were misappropriated and divertedby Singh for his personal use instead of utilizing it for his businessactivities provided in terms of loan. Now Mr. SP Singh is accusedof this.

From Chattisgarh comes an equally sorry and sad story and it isbacked by independent CAG investigation with a report now onthe Floor of the Assembly and these are people who have sworn by,stood by, lived and died for the CAG report. The CAG points outthat over Rs. 1000 Crore was spent as unfruitful expenditure onincomplete anicuts (small dams). Anicuts are the vital channels forirrigation for rural areas. They pre-exist, they have to be recharged,reconstructed, restored and rejuvenated. The charge is three fold andis every interesting and I am quoting Charge No. 1 is of wastefulexpenditure of over Rs. 1000, more precise Rs. 1,095.74 Crores. Thesecond serious aspect is that all such anicuts where the irrigationcoverage is only about 30% are largely incomplete. Chhatisgarh isa dry, parched, hot State. Irrigation coverage itself is only 30% andanicuts were supposed to be restored and repaired within those30%. In that 30%, they have found largely incomplete anicuts. Thethird charge is that none of the issues were anticipated or solvedbefore this project and money was spent. Issues of land disputeland compensation, slow progress of work by the contractors and Iquote “Neither resolved these bottlenecks to ensure completion norassessed the damage to old structures and foundations of the anicuts”.

And the last and the fourth issue is t that of the sample checksproved the hollowness of the claims and the various bookletspublished by Chhatisgarh and the Central Government. Once, theymade such remarks on Medical Education and other issues but Iam just giving you one example and is that of 72 sampled areasfor ground water recharge. 47 of the 72 were found not rechargedi.e. almost 75+ or 80%. 47 of 72 had no increase in ground waterrecharge as confirmed by the Central Ground Water Board and79% of cultivable land was not irrigated due to lack of electricconnections.

We are told that we are surplus. CAG says that 79% of cultivableland was not irrigated due to lack of electric connections. EitherCAG is lying or the two Ministers jointly are totally incorrectlymaking statement or both are at complete variance which requiresa clarification as to where is the surplus electricity going andignoring their own State Chattisgarh. This is the problem of factand fiction. Fiction is something this Government is excellent in;facts are when they come to a screeching halt and stand exposed.Friday, 31st March, 2017