Grave situation in the Valley

Anand sharma Fri, 16 Jun 2017

Grave situation in the Valley

Shri Anand Sharma said that the country has seen yet another act of outrage by the Army of Pakistan, unprovoked firing, killing of 2 of the soldiers and the mutilation of their bodies deserves to be condemned firmly and Pakistan also must realize that these actions are unacceptable in the civilized society and they are not conducive to Pakistan’s own interest, its own security and the welfare of its people.

I have said this now, looking at the number; it is a matter of grave concern to us. The situation in the Valley, the continuing attacks after we thought that Pakistan would have realized after India’s firm strike on the 29thof September to desist from such dastardly acts but there have been six major attacks on the Army Camps and 41 of our officers and soldiers of the Indian Army have been martyred, they have been killed in these attacks.

The Indian National Congress salutes the bravery of Indian Armed Forces and while conveying its condolences to the families of the officers and soldiers who lost their lives makes it very clear that when it comes to terrorism or unprovoked attacks on the Indian Armed Forces, this country stands and speaks in one voice.

Shri Sharma further said it is important that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi who speaks on every subject speaks about what is happening in India. His silence is deafening and most unfortunate. Neither the Prime Minister nor the Home Minister have assured the country that this Government will not allow what is happening on a daily basis in one or the other State of India, in one part or the other part of India.

India’s constitutional democracy must be defended. India’s pluralism must be respected. We are a multi-religious, multi-lingual and multi cultural society. We are also a country which is rule based and rule governed. The Ruling Party has a greater responsibility and accountability. Therefore, the Prime Minister must tell the country what action he proposes to take? You cannot have criminal elements, lumpens, anti-social elements let loose on the citizens of the country. This is affecting India’s image besides nurturing an environment of fear and insecurity in India.

I demand that the Government immediately publish the GDP figures of India from 2004 onwards until 2016-17 - both as per the previous methodology and by the new methodology so that the country understands where we stand. I say it with full sense of responsibility that the growth is flat. The basic parameters on which you can calculate the growth - Investment, Credit Off-take, Capital formation, Creation of New Assets, Industrial Assets and Job Creation. India’s credit off-take has hit lowest since 1952. Day before yesterday the official numbers have come that Non-Agriculture Industry credit off-take is (-) 1.59% - it is in the negative not even in the positive. The Gross Capital Formation is in the negative.

The National Investment Rate has fallen from 34% to 26.9%. There is 7% fall in National Investment Rate and by the Government’s own account, in six months of last year, the first quarter they were able to create 72,000 jobs and in the second quarter, just 37,000 jobs. Monday, 1st May, 2017