Irresponsible Statements

Kapilsibal Wed, 30 Nov 2016

Irresponsible Statements

Spokesperson: Shri Kabil Sibal: He said that we thought that a new government has come in 2014 and they do not have enough experience about ruling the country, but now the country has realized that they do not have experience even in making statements, they only make irresponsible statements. Those who were behind bans will now tell us about who has deficiency in their values. Those who were extended would tell us about who has deficiency in its values. Those who were charged with murder would tell us as to who loss deficiency in its values.

We cannot think that the BJP would stoop so low that its president was pointing towards Jawaharlal Nehruji and other leaders who gave us independence, that they have deficiency in their values. Indira Gandhiji for whom Atal Behari Vajpayeeji use to say that she was a symbol of Durga, she had defect in her values. Rajivji, who had sacrificed his life, there was defect. It means that today they would tell us as to who has defect.

The way the statements are being made, we would like that Modiji personally give his statement and stop his party president from making such statements which is not proper in a democracy. Another very significant point he mentioned today was that the Army had for the first time crossed the LOC after independence. We doubt if he knows about history in 1965 did Modiji crossed the LOC, did Parriakrji crossed the LOC, did Amit Shah crossed the LOC? In 1971, who crossed the LOC. Was the history of India written after 2014? What happened in 1999, who crossed the LOC in Kargil? Have they forgotten those incidents and are saying that the LOC has been crossed for the first time. Thus, we say that whenever our jawans and Defence forces have done the work, which the people would still remember today in history, we have never done politics on that, or taken political mileage out of it, we salute our jawans and Defence forces. I still remember what Shri Rahul Gandhi had said, that for the first time, the Prime Minister has done something, but we did not thought that they would stoop so low and show the sacrifices of the jawanas and the courage of our Defence forces was only possible due to Modiji. This being their big achievement.

We feel that Pakistan is a patient, and India wants that the patient remains healthy but it seems that after the surgical strike the patient has improved, the career is treated, that terrorism is wiped out, it is amazing. Then, Lord Ram came in and Ravana came on the other side, victory was there, they won but Meghnath was standing there stop all this poster war. Stop politicizing the success of the Army, let the Army do its work like what it did earlier and shall continue to do so.

Shri Sibal said there is an Election Commission order of 4th Sept 2013 when they said “Ministry of Defence has brought to the notice of the Commission that photographs of Defence personnel are being used by Political Parties, their Leaders and candidates in advertisements as part of election propaganda and have requested the Commission to issue suitable instruction. And it is pertinent to mention here that Armed Forces of the Nation are the guardian of its frontiers, security and the political system. They are apolitical and neutral stakeholders in the modern democracy. Therefore, it is necessary that Political Parties and Leaders exercise great caution while making references to the Armed Forces”. Friday, October 07, 2016