Issue of the PM’s Degree

Surje wala 19 sep 2019 Wed, 28 Sep 2016

Issue of the PM’s Degree

Spokesperson: Shri Randeep Singh Surjewala: He said that though there is no requirement of academic qualification for the post of the Prime Minister, yet the post is highly glorious and most responsible. It is his responsibility to lead the future generation, show them the path to march ahead with hard work and honesty.There is a suspicion in the minds of 125 crore Indians as the question about the degree of the PM is concerned. To keep the glory of the post he holds and the responsibility he wields in mind, he ought come out in the open and clarify the issue.

It is strange that when the whole country wants to know his answer about the controversy, BJP leaders and their associates are behaving in an arrogant manner, due to being in power. But they do not bother to give answer to public query. Interestingly, the facts which were made public by Arun Jaitley and Amit Shah by organizing the press-conference, have further complicated the issue and given rise to more questions.

Both these two leaders made public three marksheets and the true copies of Modiji’s BA and MA’s degrees. But many objections are coming to the fore as three different marksheets of Modiji’s degree were given. All the three carry three different marks obtained by Modiji in degree. In the marksheets Modiji has been declared ‘failed’ while the third one clears him as passed in third division. Even the dates of issuing the three marksheets are different. First marksheet is dated July 26, 1977, second is on January 3rd, 1978 and the third one is dated February 17, 1979. One the other hand, the marksheets issued by Jaitley and Amit Shah carry the dates of 1978. If the PM passed BA in 1979, from where did he get the degree of 1978. Even names in the marksheets are different. This way, the degree which was issued of Modi’s MA class was the duplicate copy of the real. It has been mentioned that Modiji did “Master of Arts with entire political science”. Shri Surjewala said that he had never heard any course of degree with the name of ‘Entire Political Science”. Is it needed to point out what is ‘entire’ political science?

The paper of the PM’ MA’s degree carries signatures of two persons. The first one is of University’s Vice-Chancellor Shri A.K. Shashtri and second signature is done by University’s Registrar. Minesh Shah. The past records of both these two persons have been shadowy and they face many a charges. In this situation
we demand that all the records, original marksheets and degree.

papers issued by Delhi University be made public. His registration number, migration certificate and the record of the Gujarat University be also made public. This work should be done by the PM himself because no information is given under RTI. Modiji is a brave person, he should show the courage of telling the truth to the world. Monday, 9th May, 2016.