Modi Masters the Art of Exaggeration

Dr abhishek singhvi Thu, 28 Jul 2016

Modi Masters the Art of Exaggeration

Spokesperson: Dr. Abhishek Singhvi: He said we have already seen that this is a ’Sarkar’ of exaggeration, of prevarication, of misrepresentation and of self-drum beating based on non-existent facts. So it will be appropriate to call it a ’Non Disclosing Alliance’ NDA and as was earlier said a ’Bharatiya Jhoot Party’. Modi Ji unfortunately presides over a government with great ‘Event Management’ skills; but in the absence of all fundamental facts, such Event Management becomes hollow.

Just a few days ago, we found this grand Event Management at India Gate with a 6-Hour gala which would have put Bollywood and Hollywood to shame. There are many things which we can say but I am only pointing out 5 clear facts which are glaring exaggerations, prevarications, self-drum beating based on claimed hollowness.

First - the country’s Prime Minister says Rs. 15,000 Crore is saved by plugging subsidies’ leakages. That is the PM speaking 2-3 days ago. Indian Express has published the facts that for the first two years, leakages leading to savings or rather savings arising from cash transfers for LPG subsidies were Rs. 143 Crore over 2 years.

So, what he was talking about was Rs. 15,000 Crore of potential savings - not actual savings. He told you actual. Indeed, even his Chief Economic Adviser Mr. Arvind Subramanian says actual I can’t, potential could be Rs. 12,000 Crores as against PM’s Rs. 15,000 Crores.

Secondly, same drum-beating, same podium, same India Gate same Event Management 3 Crore new LPG connections were provided to poor families says our Hon’ble  Prime Minister. Fact: only 60 lakhs were provided till April 2016. This is very clear because the Government of India’s Press Release in January 2016 said that by January they have done 45 lakhs Gas connections through ’Give Up’ scheme. In April, the Petroleum Minister Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan told the Journalists that they had released 60 lakhs new Gas connections. Where is this mythical imagination of 3 Crores?

Thirdly, PM says that more than 1.65 Crore fake ration cards have been deleted. Two very interesting facts: 66 lakh cards alone have been deleted in the last three years which includes the period before Modi - Modi Ji has completed just two years the Government of India’s Press Release in December 2015 is very interesting it says that in the year 2012 to 2014 i.e. in three years 1.2 Crore ration cards were deleted by the UPA Government. I confess that we are very careful stating the facts,. I do not know how to drum-beat.

Now the Government has deleted some 66 lakhs cards. What is great about it? I am counting all as fake. Actually 66 lakhs so-called ‘fake deletions’ include those cards which are not fakes but where the person has moved from the eligibility to beyond eligibility criteria. So, that is not a fake card, even that is included in 66 lakhs.

Fourthly, comes from the Finance Ministry - the Finance Minister says that more than 20 Crore bank accounts were opened during the first 100 days of the ’Jan Dhan Scheme’ remarkable statement. The actual figure is 8.7 Crore which is less than 40% of what he is claiming. The Government’s own Press and Progress Report released after 100 days say that on the 100th day, they have opened 8.7 Crore bank accounts. So, where did 20 Crore come from?

Lastly, India is the fastest growing country in the world. Remember, the 7.5%, 7.6% GDP is on the new calculation system 2 days ago, in a leading newspaper, an article is published showing how most economists are extremely worried about this new calculation system. Secondly, the Chief Economic Adviser, Mr. Arvind Subramanian and the RBI Governor, Shri Raghuram Rajan, have publicly expressed skepticism about new method of calculation. Even on the Government’s own 7.5%, there are three other countries ahead of us (of course, they are not big countries) but there should not be factual error when the PM of the country speaks. GDP is the highest in Myanmar at 8.6%, second Ivory Coast at 8.5%, third Bhutan at 8.4%, India is fourth at 7.5% on the new method of calculation which is doubted by many experts. Monday, 6th June, 2016.