Naxal Attack

Pc Tue, 16 May 2017

Naxal Attack

Ms. Priyanka Chaturvedi  said that today it is indeed a very sad and painful day not just for me, but for the entire Nation - on a day - after losing 26 of our CRPF men in a violent attack by the Naxalites.

We all offer our heartfelt condolences to the families of those men who laid down their lives in the safety and security of the Nation.It is indeed extremely painful and saddening for us because those families who have lost their men and would be in a state of grief and shocked, their families would be wondering what is in store for them in the future.

We would want to ask the State Government and the CentralGovernment as to who would take responsibility for those who willnow have to live a life without their men at home? In the same breathI would also like to say Congress Party is totally committed to thecause of fighting out this terror. We will ensure wholeheartedly thatevery measure taken by the Government would find support in usand would ensure that this particular challenge that the Nation facesin the shape of Naxalism would find support from the Oppositionand we will be a responsible Opposition.

However, we do have questions of the Government and questionsvery clearly, that ever since the BJP Government has come intopower, they had made strong claims about wiping out terror andzero tolerance to terrorism. Yet in 2017 in Chhatisgarh itself, wehave seen the highest number of deaths 72, causalities of our armedmen, paramilitary forces - CRPF men.

The Prime Minister and the Home Minister will understand thatthe Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singhji has remained unsuccessful,the figures itself show that maximum deaths have taken place thisyear and after this to keep the eyes closed is very unfortunate.Tuesday, 25th April, 2017