Parliamentary Sessions

Press briefing anand sharma ji Fri, 30 Sep 2016

Parliamentary Sessions

Spokesperson: Shri Anand Sharma: He said that this Session was the 239th session of the Parliament. The Budge Session was divided into two parts due to the misdeed and misuse of the Constitution by the current government. Generally, Session resumes after 3-weeks of vacation, but this government had to prorogue it because it had to recommend the imposition of the President’s Rule on Uttarakhand. Had the Parliament been in Session, the government
could not have brought ordinance.

If we look at the 38th and 39th Session of the Parliament. Many constructive works were done as a number of Bills were passed. The total no. of Acts passed during it were 24 while this government has completed two years in office, but only 80 Bills were passed. The Opposition has played its constructive role in a responsible manner despite the irresponsible and baseless statements given by the Ministers of this government. Yet the Opposition acted responsibly and helped the government in the passage of these Bills. If we see it in a comparative manner, it becomes clear that there has never been such a support within the House before it. The last government had not received support from the Opposition while passing some Bills due to which the Insurance Bill and the Land Boundary Agreement Bill (with Bangladesh), which were pending for last 7 years, too were passed. Keeping it in mind the BJP government must accept it humbly and honestly that it could be possible only because of the Opposition’s honest and responsible acts.

Many issues were discussed in the last Session. The drought situation and the issue of Uttarakhand too were discussed. The Judicial order made it clear that what the government had done was totally wrong and unconstitutional. It was also reflected during the Confidence Motion when the decision taken by the Speaker to disqualify a rebel MLAs under the concerned Act was upheld by the Hon’ble High Court as well as the Supreme Court. The steps taken by the government to deal with the drought are insufficient. It is also crystal clear that the BJP government raised the issue of Agusta Westland deal only to target the Opposition and mislead the country. This government has failed on all fronts and has now started raising different issues to hide its glaring failures and divert public attention from the issues that directly affect common masses. This government has been indulging in anti-democratic practices by leaking secret documents to a few selected TV channels and journalists.

Shri Anand Sharma said that the government purposely leaked documents related to Defence, CBI and ED to a selected band of agencies and a media group. It is against the ethics of secrecy and compromises the seriousness of the ongoing investigation. There is a “Dirty Tricks Department” under the BJP, which acts like getting the phone calls of Opposition leaders at the Centre as well as that of the State, Bureaucrats, Judges and other important people tapped.
We have warned the government to stop such a practice of dirty game. Friday, 13th May, 2016.