PM humiliates people of Uttarakhand

Gauravgogoi Thu, 16 Mar 2017

PM humiliates people of Uttarakhand

Shri Gaurav Gogoi and Shri Oscar Fernandes said that the prayers of Congress Party are with the people of Uttarakhand due to strong earthquake last night. Initially when PM expressed his sentiment; he mixed it with tint of humor and mockery. Many members of the house from various political parties felt that PM has hurt the dignity of Uttarakhand people who are suffering from earlier earthquake disaster and they must have felt humiliated.

PM remains silent on the subject that Shri Rahul Gandhi ji brought up in the last session about his name being found in the seized documents by Income tax department of GOI from offices of Sahara and Birla. He should come clear on it, if he has nothing to hide. He should be aware that the office he represents is the highest office in the country. So we felt here’s the opportunity that PM could have used to set the records clean but he chose otherwise.

Secondly he mentioned demonetization as a step taken in a series of steps against corruption. But if you look at the experience of demonetization it is nothing less than a disaster, more than 125 people have lost their lives, GDP has regressed to a point below what UPA Govt had achieved in its last year. The young people of India are looking for job cards under MGNREGA. And where is the benefit? How much black money has been unearthed? How many black money hoarders have been arrested? The pain of demonetization has been felt by marginalized people of the society and by the middle class too. But not by those who are hoarding the black money. Still no condolence was offered by government to the people who have lost their near and dear ones.

Lastly, while referring to initiatives against black money the PM also referred to the Benami Property Act and spoke as if nothing has been done by the previous governments. The dignity of PM office should be preserved and not exploited to spread false propaganda. The Benami act in its previous avatar was introduced in 2011 and was sent to the standing committee but it lapsed in the previous Lok Sabha because of the opposition by BJP Leaders. UPA Govt had taken number of steps to unearth black money.

PM should not use his office to malign the memories of those who contributed to the freedom struggle. Congress Party had expected far more accountability from PM’s speech today. Tuesday, 7th February, 2017