Abhishek manu singhvi Wed, 15 Feb 2017



Spokesperson: Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi: He said that an inability to hear any criticism of himself, constructive or otherwise, a self-projection obsession, a self-love obsession and obsession bordering on narcissm has unfortunately become the hallmark of the Hon’ble Prime Minister. Many events over the last 2-1/2 or 3 years have reflected it but I am going to take example of only two very recent ones. 

 One is that an RTI Commissioner under the RTI Law which BJP did not promulgate but we promulgated and which is the biggest weapon against corruption. He does this statutory duty to pronounce a reasoned order saying that at least the documents and degrees of the Prime Minister can be disclosed and let me tell you legally it is a reasonable order for the simple reason that Section 8 of the RTI Act, not a single Provision can remotely apply which permits non-disclosure of certain objectives. That order is appealable, that order is passed in respect of thousands of people like us every day in our favour or against us. It may or may not go in appeal; but the moment it is passed against Mr. Narendra Modi, the whole country gets upside down, topsy-turvy. There is an activity within hours the poor Commissioner is divested of portfolio of the HRD, given to somebody else before any appeal etc. and the order might be the reasoned order citing Section 8, citing Indian Law and citing the global trend on the subject American Law and the other Law and I cannot understand what national security arises in disclosing the educational qualifications, the only thing you want to suppress, you want to hide, you want to fool and you want to postpone the inevitable. 

 The second example is of course, in a sense, I would say even more unfortunate because it shows the extent to which obsessive self-love, and self- promotion can go. Mr. Modi has virtually been congratulatory patting himself on the back for several years on a self appointed Sardar Patel basis. He has now tried to become a Gandhi replacement  Mahatma Gandhi replacement, by evicting Mahatma Gandhi from all the stationery published by the Khadi Sansthan and there is no other symbol more associated with promotion or establishment of Khadi wear than Mahatma Gandhi. 

 This is the supreme and sad irony. The RSS is frequently accused of ideological fatal attack or attempted fatal attack on Gandhi Ji and ideological attack and now a former RSS Pracharak has replaced Gandhi Ji on the Institution which bears his very-very unique stamp, the Khadi Institution. Of course, the Congress Vice President pointed out just a few days ago in jest no doubt, in jest no doubt, but it can be a very real fear, at the rate we are going that Modi Ji loves to replace and projects himself everywhere. Thank God he has not gone to Chandrayan of India yet. Thank God the Aadhar card is not yet carrying his photo but the way things are going, we are worried that they may also come.

 It is not question about the individual RTI Commissioner or the Khadi Institution or Gandhi Ji. Gandhi Ji is in any case too great, too giant, gigantic to be replaced by anyone. But the issue is that for world’s largest proud democracy, this is symptomatic of several ills and as time goes by, if this is not curbed, it can be fatal to our democracy. That is the politics of ‘Zid’ No. 1. That is the politics of vendetta No. 2. No. 3 it is the politics of fear psychosis, No. 4 it is the politics of punishment of anyone who disagrees with you, No. 5, it is the obsessive self-promotion, obsession with self in everything. No. 6 it is the arrogance of infallibility. Friday, 13th January, 2017.