Unsatisfactory Response

Abhishek manu singhvi Mon, 31 Oct 2016

Unsatisfactory Response

Spokesperson: Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi: He said that today is the 9th day after the Uri attacks. The Government’s message at Kozhikode, unfortunately, has delivered unsatisfactory and somewhat worrisome response. India is looking weak as having failed to deliver meaty blows to Pakistan. Security situation is under serious threat and what the Nation wants are concrete actions against the Pakistan, a rogue State flourishing both under the Government of that country and its Military. As far as India is concerned, political accountability and also administrative accountability of the highest offices have to be also fixed in the context of those responsible for security and for 9 days the Government is silent on this aspect and no accountability has been fixed.

An aimless political strategy is not a synonym for strategic restraint. The Congress Party always stands for strategic restraint but strategic restraint in the face of such provocation should not mean the absence of a strategic response. It should not let Pakistan and the world think that we are having an aimless political strategy. The only response we have had from a so-called ’Mazboot Sarkar, are mere statements, rhetoric and’Jumlas.

The Prime Minister’s speech itself demonstrates strategic ambiguity and not strategic response and we do not want this to lead to strategic confusion making India the laughing stock of the world or Pakistan. I use the word ’laughing stock because I find it unreal that one of the biggest response we could think of was to try and convince our friend Russia not to have joint Military exercises with Pakistan and we perhaps failed even in that because they are still having joint Military exercise, only the venue has changed. The Congress Party demands that a special 1-2 day session of Parliament be called to discuss the Security situation and more particularly to declare Pakistan a ‘Terrorist State’. The Congress Party demands the considerable scaling down of the Pakistan High Commission in Delhi and vice-versa scaling down
of our Mission there.

The Congress Party demands vehement lobbying across the world with every major power which remotely has a link or which provides aid or has Economic co-operation with Pakistan. Dr. Singhvi said after having said all this, let me tell you that this is not the first time, India is facing a Security crisis. Uri and Pathankot together have taken a toll which has not happened over 20 22 years and a toll of our most specialized section of Society the Sainiks, the Soldiers, the Army - not that civilian deaths are less important. 26th September, 2016