Modi ignorant about LoC and PoK

Tom vadakkan l ani 1 Thu, 16 Mar 2017

Modi ignorant about LoC and PoK

Shri Tom Vadakkan said that we have just heard the Prime Minister speak from Meerut -a very disturbed PM indeed. He talked about demonetization; he talked about the Surgical Operation. He found abbreviations for the Congress Party, the SP and everybody under the sun including all the Opposition Parties. Instead of delivering or what the road map ahead is, we hear him speak on abbreviations. He is extremely worried because he has realized the faults what demonetization has done across the country.

He has talked about Surgical Strike too. And yet again I would like to tell you that when he talks about Surgical Operation, I would like to ask the Prime Minister a very simple question the DGMO reported that the Surgical Strikes happened on the LoC but the Prime Minister’s reference was to PoK. My simple question to the Prime Minister of India is when he says that this is ‘Pakistan Ka Dharti’, I want to know when did this exchange take place that PoK became part of Pakistan’s territory, PM should make it clear when did PoK become part of Pakistan’s territory? Is it correct for the Prime Minister of India to say this? If anybody else in any political party had said this, he would be immediately painted as anti-national.

The Prime Minister of India needs to withdraw the statement. In Meerut, he said this that he talked about a surgical operation in the land of Pakistan. While we know the Operation was in PoK, lies are never converted into facts and the ground reality is that you have tried to politicize the Indian Army and I want to draw your attention to a surgical strike on the dignity and honour of a BSF jawan.

Shri Vadakkan added that the Government should launch an enquiry into the allegations of Constable Yadav. The family of
Constable Yadav should be informed of his status and whereabouts. Constable Yadav should be released immediately from any unlawful confinement. PM should explain to the country why Jawans are served sub standard food. He must apologize to the Nation promising such incidents do not happen again. OROP should be implemented forthwith. Discrimination between Armed Forces and Civilian employees should be redressed forthwith including issues of equivalent ranking, disability etc. Saturday, 4th February, 2017