Top 10 reasons why you should join the Congress party

Top 10 reasons why you should join the Congress party Sat, 18 Aug 2018

Top 10 reasons why you should join the Congress party

The nation today stands at one a crucial crossroads. With a tyrannous force at the helm trying to change the very nature of India’s democracy, there is an urgent need for change, an alternative that brings forth the people of India a fresh perspective.

The RSS and BJP have turned a harmonious nation into a land of oppression, where the marginalised is being projected as the enemy. As participants of the movement that was responsible for India’s independence, the Congress party vehemently opposes their divisive ideology. Which is why it has become incredibly important to join Congress party.

We have been striving for the welfare of the nation since its inception and history is a decisive evidence of the same. Even today the goal remains the same. We espouse to the belief that the country belongs equally to each and every Indian, each deserves equal dignity and respect and each pillar of our democracy should be dedicated to achieving this.

The Congress has associated with certain distinguished individuals who have helped the nation achieve the global status we can boast of today. We encourage the youngsters of India to come forth and join the movement, the movement that is the Congress, and help us realise our true potential as the largest democracy in the world. Here are ten reasons why you should:

Young leaders, Young Voices

The Congress has always had the youth and eminent young leaders at the forefront its movement with an experienced hand on the shoulder. Leaders who connect with the youth of the nation and echo their voices at a national level. With leaders such as Gaurav Gogoi, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Sachin Pilot and party president Rahul Gandhi leading from the front, the future of the country is secured. But for that to happen, more youngsters must join the Congress.

Clear vision

For the 48 years that we have been in power, It has been our firm belief that the Indian National Congress must reflect the voice and aspirations of the people and a new vision for the country. And in every manifesto of ours, we have ascribed to the same very belief and structured our policies to ensure equitable benefits to all citizens and continue to make India shine at the international level as a leading economic powerhouse.

Strong leadership

Seven Prime Ministers in the history of the nation have been from the Congress party. They have taken revolutionary and path-breaking decisions, ranging from economic growth to social welfare to taking India from a food deficient country to a food surplus nation. The party under Mr Rahul Gandhi’s leadership promises to be a refreshing change, a change that the nation desperately needs. His elevation is inspiring many young Indians to join the Congress and fight for India’s democracy.

Glorious Legacy

Since 1885, the Congress has been dedicated to serving the people of India. In these 133 years, Indian politics has attained several transformations. But through it all, the Congress has ascribed to the values of our founding fathers and continued to deliver on its promises made to the nation. We need more India to join Congress party to carry the legacy on.


Over the years, every citizen who has ever wanted to associate with the Congress to make their voice heard, be it in agreement or in dissent has been respected and given their due importance - this is the very idea of Congress. We believe dissent is an inherent aspect of any thriving democracy and no voice should be discriminated against, based on caste, creed, gender and sexual orientation.

Women Empowerment

India’s first and only female Prime Minister was from the Congress party. Indira Gandhi—a PM who stood tall in the face of a patriarchal society and male dominated space of global politics. We encourage women to join politics and fight for their own rights. Under the guidance of Ex Party President Smt. Sonia Gandhi and serving Party President Shri Rahul Gandhi Ji, we are determined to pass The Women’s Reservation Bill, which reserves 33% of all seats in the Lower House of the Parliament and every State assembly. The idea which was planted by Rajiv Gandhi - we are stringent in our fight for women empowerment in politics and in our nation. We believe this shall be a revolutionary and much-needed transformation in the legislature of the nation and urge women to join the the Congress.

Justice for Minorities

In an era where minorities are lynched on the basis of groundless rumours by state-sponsored mobs, oppression of the marginalised has reached a dangerous extreme. We at the Congress shun any form of discrimination and will not shy away from calling the current government out for its inaction towards these crimes.

Transparent Governance

The Right to Information Act and the Lokpal were both passed during the UPA’s tenure. These policies have been conceived to give more power to the Indian citizen and increase his/her involvement in policy making and. Corruption is one of our biggest administrative challenges our country faces and it is our commitment to the nation curb it at every level possible.


With unemployment at a 7 year high, the youth of the nation is frustrated. There is the need for a government which not just builds castles in the air about providing two crore jobs but has a roadmap to provide employment to all Indians. With policies like MGNREGA, we have ensured employment for millions of Indians in the remotest of locations.


The BJP’s politics is driven by hate, communalism and megalomania. Under the Sangh's patronage, they are working towards turning India into an autocratic nation. Just like every citizen who swears by the Indian Constitution, we at the Congress strongly condemn such fraudulent politics, will continue to do so and would you to join the Congress so we can fight them together.

A few months from now, a choice will have to be made. On one side will be hate, deceit and incompetence; on the other side shall be love, compassion and a trustworthy alternative. As citizens of India, we call on you to join hands with us, because as one of our founding father Dr B. R. Ambedkar puts it:

Democracy is not merely a form of Government. It is primarily a mode of associated living, of conjoint communicated experience.”

And your voice matters.

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