5 Times Rahul Gandhi Stood Up For Your Rights

5 Times Rahul Gandhi Stood Up For Your Rights Thu, 22 Nov 2018

5 Times Rahul Gandhi Stood Up For Your Rights

Our country - the world’s largest democracy - was based on the principles of liberty & equality and any attempt to undermine that is an attack on the very ethos of this country. While the PM Modi is busy dismantling our democracy, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has done everything in his power to fight for the rights of every citizen & uphold our democratic spirit.

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These are the five times Rahul Gandhi fought for your rights.

Right to fair compensation for land - Land Acquisition Act 

Rahul Gandhi has always been one of the strongest advocates for the rights of farmers. He has ensured that Congress government’s across states enact the Land Acquisition Act to the true letter of the law. Even while PM Modi is trying his best to undermine the Act, Mr. Gandhi has ensured that he fights tooth & nail to give farmer their due. The Land Acquisition Rehabilitation & Resettlement Act ensures that farmers are given fair compensation for their land, that the correct checks & balances are orchestrated prior to acquisition & ensures a farmers land cannot be acquired without their consent.

Net Neutrality

While the Modi govt. was hell bent on giving away your right to free internet it was Rahul Gandhi who stood up for net neutrality & ensured that big corporates did not monopolise the world wide web. Rahul Gandhi has never believed in controlling the information people consume, nor has he  believed in censoring debate or dialogue. The internet is platform of equality, it was created as a space where all individuals have equal access to all parts of it - hence net neutrality should be a prerequisite, not a luxury. An open internet enables equitable access for everyone, it prevents unfair & discriminatory pricing practices, it promotes innovations & most importantly it ensures the protection of freedom of speech.

Women’s Reservation 

Women’s empowerment is not a favour or benevolence. Women must have the power to improve their own lives and our world, and to do so, they need political presence. While panchayats in many states have 50 percent reservation for women, they are still shamefully under-represented in state assemblies and Parliament. Only 11 percent of seats are occupied by women currently, and this must change. Rahul Gandhi has championed the women’s reservation bill in Parliament & promised 50% leadership positions within the Congress party for women. He has always believed we need women to frame policy, to strengthen party organisations, and to lead us to a fairer future.

Freedom of Expression 

By far one of the most basic rights in any democracy, Freedom of Expression is fast becoming a distant dream in India. The Modi government has ensured people are too afraid to voice their opinions, they have muzzled the media through intimidation or compensation & they silenced activists through violence & imprisonment- all the while Rahul Gandhi has stood up to the tyranny of PM Modi & fought for the right to free expression. On several occasions he has expressed the need for dialogue & discussion, he has never shied away from tough questions & has openly accepted criticism. Rahul Gandhi believes in the voice of the people & is not afraid to say it.

377 - The Right to Love 

Rahul Gandhi was one of the first politicians to openly speak about the stringent & archaic section of the IPC - 377. He has always had an open & liberal perspective to love & has strongly believed in the right to privacy.

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