EVMs & BJP: A Fishy Tale
EVMs & BJP: A Fishy Tale Tue, 05 Dec 2017

EVMs & BJP: A Fishy Tale

The BJP is claiming that the results of the recent UP civic polls are yet another example of the party's electoral prowess. But a deeper analysis of the results shows otherwise. Most recently during the polling in the UP civic polls, a video surfaced from Meerut, exposing how EVMs were voting only for the BJP, regardless of what button was being pressed. "I voted for the BSP candidate. I am still holding the pressed button. The machine has recorded my vote as having gone to the BJP. I have been waiting here for an hour, but no solution has been provided so far," a man can be heard saying in the video. Interestingly, when we compare BJP’s performance in elections where ballot paper is used to the ones in which EVMs are used, there are huge discrepancies in the performance. Analysing patterns from the UP-State election commission website throws up a disturbing trend. While in Nagar Panchayat member election, BJP lost 87.7% of the total 5390 seats, in Nagar Palika Parishad Wards, the BJP lost 82.5% of the total 5217 seats, in Nagar Panchayat Chairperson polls, the BJP lost 77.1% of the total 437 seats. What is common between all these polls? One thing: ballot paper was used instead of EVM machines. On the flip side, in the election of the Mayor, which was done through EVM, BJP won 87.5% of the total 16 seats declared. Coincidence? 

Not just Uttar Pradesh, RTI revealed that similar allegations of EVM tampering were reported in Maharashtra too. Back in April 2014 too, a similar incident was reported from Assam when a machine was found to be voting for the BJP no matter in whose favour the vote was cast. These are worrying trends and warrant deeper investigations. The fact that all the defective EVMs only recorded votes for the BJP suggests that there may be something more sinister in play here, than just a technical glitch. Given the way the BJP has transformed itself in recent years into an election machinery that believes in coming to power anyhow, these allegations merit a proper, impartial investigation by the EC. 

The EC is a venerable institution, upon which voters in particular, and people of the country in general place a lot of faith. Any erosion of this faith will not augur well for a democracy. 

Sardar patel oct 31 18 congress