Harnessing the potential of a young India

Harnessing the potential of a young India Thu, 20 Mar 2014

Harnessing the potential of a young India

When we look at our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or simply talented youngsters in the community, we're glimpsing the future. Their bright minds will guide India into a new age of prosperity - and it's our responsibility to give them the skills today that will prepare them to lead tomorrow.

With this in mind, Congress has worked hard over the past ten years to bring access and opportunity to youths across all sectors of our society. Our employment oriented schemes and industrial policies have created infrastructure and job opportunities for millions.

Our youth have incredible potential. Beyond the traditional paths, they're also exploring new avenues of innovation and ingenuity - and we are committed to aiding their efforts. The National Innovation Council has earmarked Rs. 5,000 crore to support innovations. This will be used to fund entrepreneurs from across the country, opening an entirely new world of opportunity to some of our most driven and creative youth.

Now, we're taking our commitment even further through the National Youth Policy, 2014, which will create equitable opportunity for all disadvantaged and marginalised youth and facilitate their participation at various levels of governance.

The government is currently investing more than Rs 90,000 crore per annum on youth development programmes. But truly empowering our youth isn't simply about giving them the opportunities we think they should have, it's also about listening to what they say they need and placing the right tools and opportunities in their hands.

When we came to power, there was a total lack of assessment on what the youth wanted. We've worked to change that. The youth is the most dynamic segment of our population - we know they have a lot to say and we're prepared to listen.

These are only a few of the programmes contributing to the architecture of opportunities we're building for our youth. Just as our children are ever-changing, so should be the programmes and opportunities we create for them. Congress will continue to listen to our youth's ideas, plans, hopes and dreams and do everything we can to make them possible.

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