Hypocrisy 101: Rupee & Petrol Crisis Not Because of Us!

Hypocrisy 101: Rupee & Petrol Crisis Not Because of Us! Fri, 07 Sep 2018

Hypocrisy 101: Rupee & Petrol Crisis Not Because of Us!

In a recent cabinet press briefing, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley was seen arbitrarily and hypocritically defending the falling Rupee. Turning back the clock slightly, in 2013, Mr. Jaitley alongside Mrs. Sushma Swaraj were leading the charge attacking the UPA government for the slightest fall in the value of the Rupee.

With change of year and change of power, the hypocrisy of the Finance Minister and most importantly of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is brazen and for all to see, especially when the Rupee is touching new lows on a daily basis; 69 today, 70 tomorrow and 71 day after – all being lifetime lows.

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For every time Narendra Modi and Arun Jaitley pointed figures at the UPA government and said, “this government is responsible!” The weight of the statement becomes double and falls right back on them for making a complete mockery of the Indian economy under their own regime.

While the FM can be seen justifying the fall in Rupee owing to the rise in international crude oil prices and not due to domestic factors, the reality is that even when the oil prices were moderating and falling, the consumer in return was not benefitted. The excessive and unfair taxation regime that has been in place has not allowed for the transfer of any sort of relief that has been seen on the international market. Which makes one wonder, in whose private kitty is this money going to? because it’s surely not being transferred to the public.

So next time when you hear the news read, “Rupee hits new all-time low” or “Petrol hits new heights of Rs. 86/ per litre”, don’t be too shocked. Simply blame the person whose picture is forcefully plastered over every petrol pump across India.

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