Is BJP profiting from the illicit drug lobby in Goa?

Is BJP profiting from the illicit drug lobby in Goa? Wed, 13 Jun 2018

Is BJP profiting from the illicit drug lobby in Goa?

On June 10, BJP general secretary of North Goa, Vasudev Parab’s organisation was raided by the Revenue Intelligence Department. Vijay Industries owned by Parab was found to be in possession of a 100kg of raw ketamine. Parab is one of the oldest & most revered workers of BJP Goa. The Goa government recently classified Ketamine as a Schedule X drug. This means all hospitals, clinics & pharmacists require a special license to sell the drug as well as having to maintain records of every drug sold. Due to its considerable side effects, it has been termed an extremely dangerous drug. 

The sedative nature of ketamine has helped it emerge as a popular rave party drug as it renders the user in a dissociative state. However, what is most alarming is its excessive use as a 'date-rape' drug. Since the drug is both odourless & tasteless, most perpetrators mix the drug in their victim’s drink - leaving them in a sedated state. 

The raid on Vijay Industries lasted over 17 hours & revealed the 100kg of ketamine, valued at over Rs. 4 crores. The intelligence team interrogated 10 people, including Vasudev Parab, his friends, family members and three youth from Calangute.

While Parab denied having anything to do with the drugs found on his premises, the obvious question arises - is he lying or simply incompetent? How is someone so profoundly unaware of their surroundings they don’t know 100kgs of ketamine is lying under their nose. 

The next obvious question - Why is the BJP hiring, promoting & protecting individuals that possess highly dangerous & potentially lethal narcotics. Is the BJP intertwined & profiting from the illicit drug lobby in Goa or is it simply uninterested in protecting citizens from heinous crimes? 

We hope the matter is subjected to intense scrutiny, and the entire money trail is discovered. The strings may lead to the uncovering of more names and faces

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