Karnataka: The murder of democracy

Karnataka: The murder of democracy Thu, 17 May 2018

Karnataka: The murder of democracy

The murder of democracy is complete. The disrespect of the people's mandate is brazen. The naked lust for power is visible to all, with the BJP not making even a token effort to hide it. HD Kumaraswamy of the JD(S) made startling revelations on Wednesday when he said that the BJP was trying to buy off its MLAs by paying them Rs. 100 crore each, and by promising them cabinet berths. Such is the utter disregard for democracy, due process, and indeed, the Constitution, that BS Yeddyurappa took oath on Thursday morning, and held a cabinet meeting, wherein he was the only minister in the meeting, and even took some executive decisions. With 104 MLAs, Mr. Yeddyurappa has become the Chief Minister of Karnataka, while the Congress-JD(S) combine with 118 seats, was not even given an opportunity to prove its strength. While the BJP requested a week to prove its strength, it was given 15 days by Governor Vajubhai Vala, who in his previous avatar served as a cabinet minister in the then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's cabinet. Also noteworthy is that Vala had started his political career with the Rashtriya Samajsevak Sangh (RSS).

Vala, in his quest to prove his loyalty to the Sangh and the BJP, has brought disrepute and infamy to the office of the Governor. Where he was supposed to function as a fair referee, he ended up acting like a stooge of the BJP government. It seems that Vala has abdicated all his duties and responsibilities as the Governor, he had vowed to fulfill after having taken an oath of the Constitution of India. This is not the government or the Chief Minister that Karnataka had voted for. This mandate is clearly for the Congress-JD(S) combine which has a total vote share of 57%. The Congress polled 7 lakhs more Votes than the BJP in terms of absolute numbers, but unfortunately, the votes were spread too thin and did not convert to a proportionate number of seats, thereby failing to reflect the support of the people for the Congress. The people have been cheated. The rule of money and arrogant power parachuted from Delhi, is not what Karnataka had voted for.

All eyes are on the Supreme Court now, which is scheduled to hear the matter on Friday. Till then, the Congress party to continue to oppose this unconstitutional government foisted on the state. We will continue to remain vigilant against any unethical means the BJP uses to aggregate numbers to prove its strength on the floor of the house. This battle is far from over.

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