Let'€™s Deliver A Right To Health

Let’s Deliver A Right To Health Tue, 04 Mar 2014

Let'€™s Deliver A Right To Health

Without high quality health services and the realization of good health, no individual can achieve their potential. More than that, Congress believes healthcare is a fundamental pillar in creating a prosperous society.  Congress has continuously invested in providing health care to all of India'€™s citizens. 

This investment has led to major progress. For the first time in history of India, we have a cashless insurance program that helps millions of people access the care they need. We promised we would launch this program and we have. Individuals in this country who lives below the poverty line now have right to choose their own healthcare delivery service. 

Our focus on public health has for the first time in our history, eradicated polio. We should all be proud of this huge achievement. As Bill Gates put it, '€œIndia was by far the hardest place to achieving polio eradication. It'€™s quite phenomenal that they did it.'€ We made it a priority and we succeeded together. 

Next, we deliver a Right to Health, just as we have already delivered on the Right to Food, the Right to Information and the Right to Education. We will continue to fight for access to healthcare and we work together with everyone in India to tackle our largest health challenges.

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