May our lives be filled with the colours of love and happiness

May our lives be filled with the colours of love and happiness Mon, 17 Mar 2014

May our lives be filled with the colours of love and happiness

 Colours do not belong to any caste, creed or religion. The light reveals it'€™s true, all encompassing nature, when it is passed through a prism. The same way India reveals its spirit of Unity in Diversity when it celebrates Holi. After all, when every face is smeared with colours, who can make out a Hindu from a Muslim, or a Parsi from a Christian. No identity remains, but that of an Indian.

On this auspicious occasion today we at the Indian National Congress wish all our brothers and sisters a very happy and prosperous Holi. Congress President Sonia Gandhi has sought to convey her sense of extreme joy to all Indian'€™s. '€œLike the colours of Holi, may your lives be filled with the sweetness of love, and happiness. I wish to convey my heartiest greetings to all on this pious occasion.'€

There are many stories that trace the roots of our rich traditions, and the wisdom of our people.

One of the most beautiful is the story of the love of Radha and Krishna. Legend has it that Lord Krishna once played a prank and smeared the faces of Radha and Gopi'€™s with colours. This became a trend, and a tradition that has lived in the name of Holi for centuries.

There is another story about the demon-king Hiranyakashipu who asked his sister Holika to enter a blazing fire with his son Prahalad. The kind wanted to punish Prahalad for worshipping Lord Vishnu. Holika entered the fire thinking the fire would not burn her because she was protected by a boon. But in the end, good prevailed and the evil was vanquished. Prahalad escaped unhurt, and Holika was burnt to ashes.

The festival of Holi brings us together as a nation, and strengthens our secular fabric. India has had a tradition of people from diverse religions and traditions coming together to celebrate Holi. There are so many beautiful stories we have witnessed in our lives when the joy of mutual forgiveness overrides all other emotions. Foes become friends, with just a hug, and a splash of water and colours. The spirit of bonhomie and brotherhood shines.

So, don'€™t hold yourself back. Celebrate the spirit of Holi, celebrate the spirit of India.

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