Missing the Target Again & Again & Again: A BJP Special

Missing the Target Again & Again & Again: A BJP Special Wed, 08 Aug 2018

Missing the Target Again & Again & Again: A BJP Special

‘Off target’, ‘Missing the mark’, ‘Falling short’ – these have been some common phrases associated with the BJP government as the Modi regime began its rule. Adding another to the list; The BJP government finds itself off track again with respect to the targets it set with India’s Solar Rooftop installation project.

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94% Off-Target

With only 4 years away from the 2022 deadline, a mere 2538 MW solar power capacity have been reached as of March 2018 – a full 94% short of the target of 40,000 MW. This makes missing the target, as with countless other schemes of the Modi government, a foregone conclusion. Adding further, the scarier fact is that at the current pace India might miss their overall solar target of 100 GW too.

Green Karnataka 

The Congress led government in the state of Karnataka is single-handedly producing more renewable energy than various European countries like, Denmark & Netherlands. Karnataka’s installed capacity of renewable energy is at 12.3 (GW), which includes 5 GW of solar energy, 4.7 GW of wind energy and approximately 2.6 GW of hydro, biomass, heat & power co-generation.

While the Karnataka govt. has clearly come out as a model state for renewable energy, there sure are some important lessons the centre could take from the state of governance of Karnataka.

Inherent Flaws

The current scheme of the central govt. has some major stumbling blocks that are simply not allowing for the expansion of the project. Residential establishments who pay small electricity bills continue to remain apathetic to installation of solar panels because of its high costs and the extensive paperwork. On the other hand, corporate and commercial establishments are finding their efforts bottlenecked by policy and regulations around installation and power distribution.

While the BJP govt has picked and renamed another UPA scheme picking the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM), the delivery and implementation by the BJP is unable to match the high standards the JNNSM was able to achieve.

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