No Compromise Against Terror

No Compromise Against Terror Thu, 06 Mar 2014

No Compromise Against Terror

The Indian National Congress has a simple, one line terrorism policy. No compromises, whatever the costs may be.

We have never backed down in front of those propagating terror and are proud of the sacrifices made by our leaders in fighting terror. The last 10 years of the Congress UPA have seen India stand-up to terror every single time.

Our approach to combating terrorism has returned peace to Kashmir, the North-East is now a strong part of the India story and we have a clear two-pronged strategy against Naxal violence. The facts support our approach.

The Congress-led UPA took office in 2004. We inherited a broken country in 2004, with 2,665 terror incidents reported and a total of 707 civilians killed that year. Under our government the number of incidents has steadily decreased. In 2012 it had come down to 220 with the number of civilian casualties down to 15 for the year.

Over the last two years we have seen the levels of violence come down even further. The Kashmir valley, often compared to paradise itself, has seen the return of tourism.

We continue to the lead the battle on the Naxal front. Naxalism has been a major security issue for us as a nation. The number of incidents has dipped marginally since 2014 but the Congress-led UPA believes that greater development in these areas would help bring them back into the national mainstream.

When we lost 17 party leaders - gunned down by the Naxals in the Darbha valley of BJP-ruled Chhattisgarh, our response captured in Rahul Gandhi'€™s words was: '€œThis is not an attack on Congress, it'€™s an attack on democracy.  But we will not fear from such attacks. We will continue to move forward.'€

Though there is no justification for terror, the slow pace of development in some parts of the country and the lack of opportunities is used by anti-national forces to promote terrorism. But we believe that real and meaningful progress comes when each Indian moves forward together.

For the Congress Party, the fight against terror is a battle in which every Indian is a stakeholder. Their religion, state and ethnicity has nothing to do with it.

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