Rahul Gandhi's Shakti is “Boothing Out” BJP in Mumbai

Rahul Gandhi's Shakti is “Boothing Out” BJP in Mumbai Wed, 13 Jun 2018

Rahul Gandhi's Shakti is “Boothing Out” BJP in Mumbai

At his meeting for booth-level workers, Rahul Gandhi declared he is tearing down the walls between his presidency and the Congress’ cadre! The new Congress Office in Delhi, he vows, will dedicate a wall to the unsung Congress Workers through the ages who sacrificed their freedom and prospects to build and rebuild this democratic republic in the image of Congress’ Idea of India.

“Rahul-Yug has arrived,” says Mumbai Congress President Sanjay Nirupam, and it is not just because Mumbai already has 15,000 active Congress Workers with their feet planted firmly on the ground on a campaign of courage and truth to defeat BJP in 2019. More so, because Congress President Rahul Gandhi unleashed “Shakti” online and offline, galvanising over 9500 activated booths!

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The “Sepai of the Congress Party,” he calls himself. Rahul Gandhi through Project Shakti has demonstrated his skill as our General- recruiting, organising and personally deploying what will once more be the grandest old party in a new avatar with the strongest, most committed cadre in Indian history!

“Shakti” puts booth level party workers in direct contact with Rahul Gandhi. All they have to do is text a designated number with their voter ID. Upon verification, Mumbai Congress workers will be able to send Mr. Gandhi their suggestions and interact with him.

Project Shakti hereby changes the engagement and mobilisation paradigm worldwide, bringing incisive context-based specificity and stakeholdership into crowdsourcing democratic responses to civic issues. This, it does, by bringing it to the fingertips and screens of every single voter!

The Congress Chief is determined that his will ‘not be a party of netas.’ Shakti comes as a double whammy to BJP and its cosmetic “Missed Call” Membership Drive as Congress Shakti truly breaks down decision-making walls between “leaders” and “workers.” It multiplies Congress’ ideologically cohesive cadre. Rahul’s leadership style, like the great democratic state makers who have led the party in the past, embraces the very latest in deliberative democracy and conviction-based mobilisation.

Congress’ Shakti on the ground manifested in a salute of a thousand autorickshaws bearing the Congress flag along with the thronging of unions and frontal organisations which filled a hundred buses from North Mumbai alone! Rahul Gandhi is determined that Maharashtra Congress, like Karnataka, Gujarat and all Pradesh and Regional Congress Committees, will nominate its candidates from the boots on the ground, unlike BJP, which is infamous for giving tickets to “long distance star campaigners” it parachutes into local elections.

Embracing each other in their traditional finest while bracing for a year-long overthrow of the demagogic and divisive capture of the State by the Modi government together, were also the powerful Kohli, Catholic, Bharvad and Muslim Samaj. Dividing and violently competing over the spoils of Modi’s misgovernance and poor economic management was firmly rejected by the thronging 15,000 strong meeting, who roared their favour of the Congress embodying the age-old “Mumbai ethos”- that we all see ourselves as Indian first. That we are all more prosperous when we work together for the upliftment of the most marginalised among us, evidenced Rahul says, by Mumbai being the financial capital of a pluralistic and progressive India. Indeed Rahul Gandhi brings back Shakti to Mumbai!  

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