Supporting Farmers is a Primary Interest for Congress

Supporting Farmers is a Primary Interest for Congress Thu, 14 Jun 2018

Supporting Farmers is a Primary Interest for Congress

The Punjab government, headed by Capt. Amarinder Singh, is leading the charge to protect & safeguard the backbone of our economy: our farmers. CM Amarinder Singh announced the disbursement of Rs 209 crore to 38,000 marginal farmers to complete the first phase of his government’s debt relief scheme. The scheme has so far provided relief to almost 3 lakh marginal farmers to the tune of Rs 1,525.61 crore.

Providing a safety net to debt-ridden farmers was a major pre-poll promise of the Congress in Punjab. While Capt. Singh has done everything in his power to deliver on his promises, the Central government, led by PM Modi, has remained paralysed by their lies - unable to deliver on the multitude of promises they made while trying to attain power.

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The punjab government has also take significant steps towards the second phase of the scheme which will help small farmers linked to cooperative societies.

Reiterating the Congress’s commitment to bail out the beleaguered farmers, who are reeling under debt-burden, Congress President Rahul Gandhi reassured farmers that he stands with them. “If the Congress comes to power, it will ensure that farmers get their due. The long-term solution lies in creating farm infrastructure — roads, markets, cold storages and food proceedings units,” he has said.

While the Modi government has been happy to waive industrial loans up to Rs 2.5 lakh crore it’s frugality towards farmers is more than evident. On the other hand the Congress government waived over Rs 70,000 crore farm loans across the country.

Why is the Modi government so blatantly ignoring the plight of farmers and so shamelessly supporting its corporate interests?

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