Shri Abhishek Singhvi said it is important that what we are now showing with documentary material is an amazing web and unprecedented web of nepotism, stretching from Madhya Pradesh to Chhattisgarh

Shri Abhishek Singhvi said it is important that what we are now showing with documentary material is an amazing web and unprecedented web of nepotism, stretching from Madhya Pradesh to Chhattisgarh

Shri Abhishek Singhvi said it is important that what we are now showing with documentary material is an amazing web and unprecedented web of nepotism, stretching from Madhya Pradesh to Chhattisgarh to several other parts of India examples of them have been seen earlier in Gujarat. All of them make a mockery of the PM’s wonderful speeches and exhortations on corruption or anti-corruption. They would be rendering all BJP models of governance comic if it were not tragic for the nation and for the state concerned.

The tale I am going to just give you in brief is a tale which is not only of Ministers, Chief Minister, CM’s close relatives, CM’s close personnel and staff completely immersed neck deep in corruption but it is also a tale of suppression of truth of not allowing an independent agency to enquire, of not allowing a CBI enquiry or an independent sitting Supreme Court or High Court Judge enquiry and not stepping down from the coveted post of the CM without which any enquiry would be a mockery and would be comic.

You will recollect that a few weeks ago from this very podium I had occasion to address you on this so-called Rice Scam and at that time all three demands were made by me and I had said that it is going to be met with eloquent silence by the Prime Minister, a silence is always eloquent on such matters and with inaction by the state authorities.  That is exactly what has happened and now we giving you a more in depth installment number No. 2 and I can assure that installment 3 and 4 are round the corner. This installment relies on diaries or one diary out of three which I have circulated the photo copy and a typed note which I have also circulated as a summary. The diary entries give you the date, they specifically give you and I have recited to you the diary dates and entries from Jan 2014 to June 2014. There are total 17 entries in my list. These entries show Crores of rupees have been paid. They give the names clearly.  (The spokesperson read out all the entries which have been shown in the typed note.)

Shri Singhvi said all that Anti Corruption Bureau has done and that too the moderate action started after the Congress took out procession, went to the Assembly, gheraoed the Assembly, had the Press Conference, I took the Press Conference here, when the ACB momentum  picked up. All that they did was to arrest some 12 persons who are very small persons. They have also arrested the DM from whom these diaries were recovered. But the video we are going to show makes a very candid confession by the No. 2 person in the Police Deptt. and the official head of the ACB - one Mr. Gupta. He says very candidly we are going to do very detailed investigation but our investigation has limits, our investigation must be confined to those limits and it is not that everywhere we can go or everyone we can touch. (Then the video was shown to the media.  The copy of the said DVD was also distributed amongst the media persons.)

Shri Singhvi said that when the Food Security Act was being modeled in the central government here, you saw the delaying tactics of BJP in parliament. It is the classic case of running with the hare and hunting with the hound and while the said Food Security Act was delayed, it was being said that the best model of this Food Security and PDS the best in the country and the model which the Congress is accused of copying is the Chhattisgarh model. Now this is the Chhattisgarh Model, this is the same. The budget on this activity alone is Rs. 1.50 lakh Crores. The methodology, the modus operandi is simple. It is genius in its simplicity. You have to collect these products - rice, wheat, dal, chana, sugar and of course also salt among other things. So, you do three things - you either over pay by understating the quantity, you over pay the millers, inferior quality supplied and the third is to inflate the numbers. 70 lakh households were found with ration cards, the government admits that 14 lakh are fake, according to us, the figure is double. But a triple whammy of these three says, the money can be distributed in large measures.

Shri Singhvi said it is shocking because the Prime Minister is at its eloquent best when he speaks of anti corruption. It is tragic that despite our demand, not even a CBI enquiry which is the minimum and certainly we are not satisfied with CBI enquiry alone, but which is the minimum has not even been offered either by central government or by the state government. There is lot of ‘hulla-gulla’ about suicide here or action there. There is such a lot of ‘hulla-gulla’ about every small incident in Congress ruled states by the BJP, why is the BJP quiet about Chhattisgarh.

As I said these entries which you have in the original photo copy and in the typed version of the summary, have a tale which is less than the tip of the ice berg. It is the tip of the tip of the ice berg. We want the ice berg or at least we want the real part of ice berg or part of the ice berg. For that, an independent enquiry has to sit. And for that the CM has to vacate his seat howsoever he may be attached to it. It is precisely for the reason that the CM is not vacating his seat, that this kind of interview is given. Of course, this ‘Chawal wale baba’ has become ‘Chawal chor baba’. That has been for a long time.

To a question that on ‘Vyapam’ scam, the Congress delegation has met the PM, whether on this Rice Scam the Congress is planning to meet the PM, Shri Singhvi said it does not seem that we will meet him in view of his eloquent silence and not only eloquent silence but because of his inaction also. There is no use meeting him since it will be a waste of time.

On another question whether the Congress feels that their demand in ‘Rice scam’ will be met, Shri Singhvi said the party will hold demonstrations in this regard. But we have no hope as far as the central government is concerned. But it does not mean that we should not discharge our responsibility. We will definitely meet the constitutional heads like the Hon’ble President of India. More importantly, we will educate the people and spread this message in every nook and corner of the country.

On a further question on the summons issued to former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh in coal block auction case, Shri Singhvi said he has moved the court. We have stood by him fully and comprehensively. According to us, it is a legally completely challengeable and untenable order. According to us while we respect the court process, proper hierarchical recourse will be taken. In this case in the Supreme court and we have no doubt that justice will be done. So we support him fully in this endeavour and that is getting done.

(S.V. Ramani)

Communication Deptt.