Hon'ble Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi addressed a huge public meeting in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu

Hon'ble Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi addressed a huge public meeting in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu





Highlights of CP speech                                                               April 12, 2019


Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi addressed a huge public meeting in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, today.


Shri Rahul Gandhi said- Mr. Narendra Modi has run the Government for 15 people and all the money that should have gone to the poor people of this country, that should have gone to the farmers of Tamil Nadu, that should have gone to the youngsters of Tamil Nadu has gone to these 15 people. He has forgiven Rs. 3.50 lakh crore for these 15 people but when Tamil farmers go and protest in Delhi Mr. Narendra Modi does not have one word to say. When Tamil youngsters cannot find a job, Mr. Narendra Modi has nothing to say. So, the Congress Party has decided that we are going to do some justice. 

Mr. Narendra Modi snatched your money in demonetization. He made you stand in line for hour and hours. Gabbar Singh tax(GST) destroyed industry in Tamil Nadu. Tirupur – the Textile hub of India was destroyed. Kanchipuram – the silk capital of India – was destroyed. Millions of Tamil youngsters lost their jobs. Gabbar Singh tax in short, that we were to pay taxes to buy yarn and dies in material. 

So about five months back, I called the party’s Economists to meet me. I said Mr. Narendra Modi promised Rs. 15 lakhs in every Indian bank account. He promised the Tamil people that he would put money in their bank accounts and I told the Economists that I understand that 15 lakh numbers is a lie. I told them I want them to go and find out how much money can the Government of India put into every poor person’s bank account. I told them I don’t want to destroy the Indian economy but I want to understand if the Indian Government chooses to put money in to 20% of the poorest people bank account, how much money can they put every year. I told them don’t give me some big theory, don’t give me a book, don’t give me long written answers, I just want one number but I want a real number, true number and I want that number to be such that Indian economy is not destroyed because we give this money to our people. I want to carry out a surgical strike on poverty.


So, few days back, they came back to my office and they wrote a number on a piece of paper – Rs. 72,000/-. Now what is this number, I want to explain. The moment the Congress Party comes to power in Delhi, we will identify 20% poorest families in this country. We will make a list of 20% poorest people in India and then after that, every one of these families will be given Rs. 72,000/- every year. Rs. 72,000 every year, Rs. 3,60,000 in five years. Every poor family in India is going to get this. Does not matter which state you are from, does not matter what language you speak, does not matter what caste, what religion you are, if you are poor, you are going to get this money in your bank account. 

The moment that money comes in your bank account, you will start buying things. You will start to buy clothes, shoes, cell phones and sarees. The economy will startup once again. Factories will start to work and your children will go and get jobs in these factories. Tirupur will come alive again. Kanchipuram will come alive again and thousands and thousands of young Tamil youngsters will get jobs. 

There are also 12 lakh government jobs that have not been filled till today and there are ten lakh jobs in Panchayats that can be filled. We are going to fill all those jobs. 

Now I understand that farmers are facing a very difficult time. Cyclone ‘Gaja’ destroyed the food base in the Cauvery basin. 8 Districts were completely destroyed. The AIADMK Government insulted our farmers. 40 lakh farmers lost their work. Rs. 6,000 crores of MGNREGA money is due to them. 

Mr. Narendra Modi took away the bonus that our farmers are given and farmers have a feeling of fear and discomfort. We want them to feel that Government of India is standing with them. So, you will remember that a few years ago whenever the national budget was presented, a separate Railway Budget used to be presented. Railway Budget was discontinued by the BJP. So, to show our support to the farmers of this country, we have decided that when we present the next Budget, we will present a separate farmers’ budget. In the beginning of the year itself, we will tell the farmers of this India everything that the Government of India is going to do for them. How much the MSPs is going to be raised, how much bonus they will get, what prices they are likely to get and what are the different initiatives that the Government is going to take for farmers of India in that year. This is a historic step and it will allow our farmers to plan for the future. 

Now you must have noticed that Mr. Narendra Modi gave Rs. 35,000 crores to Nirav Modi, Rs. 35,000 crore to Mehul Chowksi. All these people took bank loans, failed to return them and ran away. Not a single one is in jail. So I had a question that why is it that when you have thousands of crores and you do not pay a bank loan back, you don’t go to jail. But when you are a poor farmer, and if you don’t pay the bank loan back, you go to jail. So, we have decided that the moment we come to power in 2019, we are going to change the law for the farmers. We have taken another historic decision. After 2019 no farmer is going to be put in jail for not paying back his bank loan. It is not fair that the richest people of the land do not go to jail and our famers go to jail for the same crime. We have done this to remove fear from the hearts of our farmers. 

Now I can see that there are quite a few ladies in the crowd. Ladies exemplify the spirit of Tamil Nadu. So I would like to say a few things that we are going to do for the women of this country. In the beginning of speech I said that each poor family is going to get Rs. 72,000 every year. We have called the scheme ‘NYAY Yojana’. I am proud to say that the money that will be given to these families will be given to the women of the household. I am also proud to say that immediately after we come to power, we are going to give reservations for women in the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and all Vidhan Sabhas and we are going to reserve 33% of central government jobs for women.


I would like to conclude by saying that our alliance is an alliance of the people of Tamil Nadu. Both parties believe in freedom, justice and secularism and we will never ever let the people of Tamil Nadu be ruled by Nagpur. Tamil Nadu is going to be ruled from Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is going to be ruled from Tamil Nadu and Stalin is going to be the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.


I would like to thank all my brothers and sisters from the parties DMK and the Congress Party who have come here to listen to me and it is extremely hot and you have come here in such large numbers. I am certain that you will bring the alliance to power here and would also like to thank the people of Tamil Nadu for the love and affection that they have always shown on my family and me. I want you to know the same love that you have for me I have for you and mine is not a political relationship with the people of Tamil Nadu. It is an emotional relationship.


Thank you very much – Jai Hind




(Vineet Punia)


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