Hon'ble Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi addressed a Public Meeting at Alwar, Rajasthan

Hon'ble Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi addressed a Public Meeting at Alwar, Rajasthan




Highlights of the CP Speech: December 04, 2018

Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi addressed a Public Meeting at Alwar, Rajasthan.


Shri Rahul Gandhi said- Namashkar, Ashok Gehlot Ji, Sachin Pilot Ji, Avinash Pandey Ji, Jitendra Singh Ji, Karan Singh Yadav Ji, Zubair Khan Ji, Imamuddin Ahmad Ji, Tikaram Juli Ji, Shakuntla Rawat Ji, Devendra Yadav Ji, Keshav Chand Yadav Ji, Deen Muhammad Ji, Nasaru Khan Ji and our 10 candidates, workers of the Congress Party, Youth Congress, NSUI, Mahila Congress, Members of Sevadal, Brothers and Sisters, our friends from media and those who are standing on the roof at the back and those who are standing on this side, i welcome you here and Namaskar to all of you.

In the year 2014, Shri Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of the country and a little while before that Vasundhara Ji became the Chief Minister of Rajasthan. In all his speeches, Shri Narendra Modi made promises. Thousands of youth are standing here. He had promised you not once but 15-20 times that he will provide employment to 2 crore youth. He had promised that he will provide 2 crore employment to youth every year. I would like to ask the youth of Rajasthan as to whether the Prime Minister of the country has betrayed you? Yes or No? The youth replied yes! You were promised 2 crore employment opportunities and on the same lines Vasundhara Ji made promised employment. I would like to ask a question if she had provided employment then why 4 youth from Alwar committed suicide.  You (Modi Ji) make me understand one thing, you telephone Anil Ambani every day, then did you make a phone call to the families of the victims? Did you admit before the families that you had committed a mistake and therefore apologize, the answer is No! You only make speeches but neither feel the pain in the heart of youth of Rajasthan nor of the youth of this country that they are jobless in their own country. Speech after speech, the Prime Minister assured employment to the youth but when he became the Prime Minister, he started acting as the ‘watchman’ of the interest of few privileged selected people. 

In every speech, Shri Narendra Modi says ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’. You might have listened Narendra Modi Ji saying ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ in all his speeches. Now the question is, who is ‘Bharat Mata’. This whole country is ‘Bharat Mata’, the farmers of this country is ‘Bharat Mata’, the feelings in the heart of crores of this country represent ‘Bharat Mata’, our mothers, our sisters, our labourers – all together – represent ‘Bharat Mata’. 

Now, I would like to ask a question that when you say ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ in all your speeches, then why all your actions are targeted at benefiting Anil Ambani? Modi Ji should start his speech saying ‘Anil Ambani ki Jai’; ‘Mehul Choksi ki Jai’; ‘Niran Modi ki Jai’ and ‘Lalit Modi ki Jai’. 

When you mention ‘Bharat Mata’, how can you forget the farmers of this country? You waived-off Rs. 3.50 lakh crores of bank loans outstanding against 15 big individuals but you have not waived-off even a single Rupee loan outstanding against farmers of Alwar. Don’t they come under the umbrella of ‘Bharat Mata’? Does their blood and sweat do not constitute ‘Bharat Mata’. They toil day and night, make all sort of sacrifices, should they not have any place of their own in this country? 

Brothers and sisters, once I had visited the office of Narendra Modi Ji, I did not visit a second time because I had clearly realized his intentions. I told Modi Ji that farmer is committing suicide in the country, it is happening in all States like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and in all other States too. On the other hand, youth are committing suicide, four youngsters committed suicide together and on the other side farmers are also comitting suicide. I told Modi Ji, Look you have waived-off a loan of Rs. 3.5 lakh crore outstanding against 15 people. Now you do one thing, don’t think that Rahul Gandhi is sitting in your room, Rahul Gandhi has come to you with the sentiments of farmers, with the feelings and pains of the farmers. You listen to me, listen to farmers and waive-off the petty loans of the farmers, waive-off the loan of the onion farmer of Alwar, sugar cane farmer of Uttar Pradesh and potato farmer of other States. Now brothers and sisters, look at the response of Narendra Modi Ji. I asked for loan waiver for the farmers and Narendra Modi kept silence, he did not utter even a single word. But I could clearly see expression on his face that read; how dare this person speak about the farmers in the office of the Prime Minister. Modi Ji, Congress Party people are not scared of you. We are not going to retract even an inch from our stated view point. The loan of the farmers of this country has to be waived-off.

I have clearly stated that the future Governments of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh shall give befitting reply to Narendra Modi Ji. The moment Congress Party comes to power in these States, within ten days, we shall waive-off the loan of the farmers of Alwar and Rajasthan too. 

I don’t make false promises of depositing Rs. 15 lakhs in your bank accounts. ’Bharat Mata ki Jai’ means victory for those who represent ‘Bharat Mata’ and contribute his blood and sweat in the making of ‘Bharat Mata’. This Government has opened the doors of banks for 15 selected people. They have given nothing to my mothers and sisters who have come here rather they have looted them. They have declared throughout the country that it (demonetization) is a fight against black-money. Mothers and sisters, you must recall, Modi Ji had stated that we have to fight against black-money. Do you remember? You were all standing in a queue before the bank in Alwar. My brothers and sisters, did you see Vijay Malya in that queue? The public said No. Did you see Nirav Modi – public said No, Anil Ambani – public said No, Lalit Modi – public said No, Mehul Choksi – public said No. Therefore, what sort of fight against black-money was that? Factually, this was not a fight against black-money, brothers and sisters but a fight to convert black-money into white and it was a fight to take away your hard-earned and genuinely saved money and put it to the pockets of Nirav Modi, Anil Ambani and Lalit Modi. 

You might have seen that after a few days of demonetization, Nirava Modi and Mehul Choksi left the country taking away Rs. 35,000 crore. Vijay Mallya meets Arun Jaitley before leaving the country to say Good Bye and tell him that he was going to London. Arun Jaitley Ji says Okay Fine Namaskar, you can go and handed him over the boarding card saying take the flight, enjoy yourself in London, this is fight against black-money.  Brothers and sisters, earlier there was a slogan, youth of Rajasthan you also listen carefully, earlier there was a slogan of ‘Achhe Din’ when Modi Ji used to say ‘Acche Din’ and the public used to reply ‘Aayeinge’. The youth of Alwar, now this slogan has changed and a new slogan is popular among the public, listen, ‘Chowkidar’ (Public said Chor Hai), ‘Chowkidar’ (Public said Chor Hai, ‘Chowkidar’ (Public said Chor Hai). How all this has happened, I will tell you!

When UPA Government was in power, Air Force personnel came to the Government telling that they need 126 aircrafts for the Indian Air Force. Dr. Manmohan Singh Ji said OK Fine! The matter concerns Air Force, therefore, select the best aircraft. Whichever best aircraft is available in the world, you select it and purchase 126 aircrafts. The Air Force people worked on the project for 8 long years and selected Rafale Aircraft from France. They came to Dr. Manmohan Singh Ji telling that they have selected Rafale aircraft and Dr. Manmohan Singh Ji asked the price of the aircraft. Air Force people told Dr. Manmohan Singh Ji that the price of the aircraft is Rs. 526 crore. Dr. Manmohan Singh Ji tells Air Force people, listen, the aircraft will be manufactured in India, the youth of India will manufacture this aircraft, manufacturing units would be set-up in Alwar, in Rajasthan, in Karnataka, in Madhya Pradesh and the best Aircraft will be manufactured in India. The Air Force people agreed to these conditions and Dr. Manmohan Singh Ji gave them ‘Go Ahead’ for the purchase of aircraft. 

Then the Government of Modi Ji comes to power. The first thing he does, he visits France and takes along Anil Ambani in his aircraft. Anil Ambani is a person who has never manufactured an aircraft in his life, has an outstanding bank loan of Rs. 45,000 crore which he failed to pay back. That is your money. Narendra Modi Ji tells the President of France, put aside Dr. Manmohan Singh Ji had discussed, put HAL contract on the back burner, manufacture aircraft in France not in India, instead of 126 aircrafts, 36 aircrafts will be purchased and that too at a price of Rs. 1600 crore for each aircraft not Rs. 526 crore as agreed to in the past, you demand Rs. 1600 crore for each aircraft and the Government of India will pay, but the off-set contract will be given to Anil Ambani. The youth of Rajasthan you can go to internet, write the name of the President of France and the name of Rafale Aircraft and listen to his statement. 

Modi Ji speaks about the security of the country but he has taken away Rs. 30,000 crore from you, this was the money meant for Air Force which has been put in the pocket of Anil Ambani. This is the reason that Narendra Modi Ji these days does not speak even a single word on Rafale and corruption because the moment he says something on this issue, public says ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’. He is scared of speaking about corruption because he knows that even if by mistake he touches upon this topic, the public will say in the midst of his speech that ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’. This is the reality of today.  

Now I come to the most interesting issue which the farmers of Rajasthan should listen very carefully. You work hard every day and you are charged Insurance premium. You put your money in the insurance scheme; this money does not belong to Anil Ambani or Narendra Modi. You see cracks on your hands and this money is the result of your sweat. You put this hard-earned money in insurance scheme and when the storm comes, when there is drought or rains and your crop gets destroyed you do not get your money back. You think over it. You had paid your premium for your protection during bad days but your money is given to the thieves like Anil Ambani. I do not understand the logic behind the loan-waiver offered to them. I can clearly understand that Narendra Modi does not want to waive off your loans. We will do that but I fail to understand the rationale behind transferring your hard-earned money, your insurance money to the coffers of people like Anil Ambani after looting you. 

Brothers and sisters, I repeat that Rs. 45,000 crore of the farmers of this country which they have put in the crop insurance scheme, out of that Rs. 16,000 crore of that money has gone into the pockets of the richest individuals of this country. This is not a crop insurance scheme but this should be aptly called Anil Yojana, Anil Ambani Yojana, Mehul Chowki Yojana, Nirav Modi Yojana, Vijay Mallya Yojana because the sole objective of the PM and the CM of Rajasthan is to transfer the public money belonging to the people of Rajasthan to the pockets of 15-20 selected individuals. They promised the youth of employment, and they are committing suicide. They promise the farmers loan-waiver but waive-off the loans of Rs. 3.5 lakh crore of their favourite individuals and do not waive-off even a single Rupee of loan of the farmers. He is taking your money in the name of crop insurance. 

Now I would like to address my mothers –I would like to ask you what the price of a gas cylinder was during Congress Government. Public replied Rs. 350! What is the price at present – people replied Rs. 1,000. Shri Modi tells in his every speech that he has given gas cylinder to every woman but he never tells in his speech that the gas cylinder which was available for Rs. 350 during Congress rule is today during Modi Government is priced at Rs. 1,000. 

Kerosene used to be supplied during the Congress rule which facility too has been snatched away from you. I am telling you in clear terms that Congress party is going to form Government in Rajasthan. 

Please understand that Modi Government which was formed with the help of big industrialists of the country. These industrial houses did marketing on his behalf, splashed his photograph on the TV screens, financed large meetings for him and facilitated Narendra Modi Ji to be the Prime Minister of this country. This the reason that Narendra Modi Ji gave Rs. 30,000 crore to Anil Ambani and made you to stand in queues to take away your money to waive-off the loans of big people. 

The Government of Rajasthan is not going to be formed by any industrialist. The Government in Rajasthan is going to be formed by the farmers, labourers, small shopkeepers and as soon as the Congress party comes to power in Rajasthan, we shall start doing 2-3 things immediately. The farmers’ loan will be waived-off within ten days. By waiving off the loans of the farmers, we are not going to give any gift or reward to our farmer brothers. Rather this is your own money which we are going to return. You should be very clear in your mind that we have deep regards for you. We understand that you put in hard work day and night to make this country. Therefore, we are giving you what is your due. After that, we shall establish food processing plants in every District and Block. We shall set-up potato chip plants in potato growing areas, tomato ketchup plant in tomato growing areas and onion processing plants in onion growing areas and soya oil plants in soya bean growing areas. We shall establish a wide network of food processing plant in Rajasthan. Those food processing factories, the farmers of Rajasthan and Alwar will sell their onions directly at remunerative prices and you will see that the youth of Alwar and Rajasthan will get employment in these food processing factories. 

Every District in Rajasthan has a professional specialization like handicrafts, diamond cutting etc. but the whole banking system has been mortgaged to selected 15 individuals by the Modi Government. The Congress Government in Rajasthan will make a new beginning and will open the doors of banks for the farmers. 

Now I give you an example. Pointing towards a person standing in the public what is your name – the person replies Roop Singh. Now Roop Singh Ji you please stand up – you are the youth of Alwar, Rajasthan. Now you see Narendra Modi calls Nirav Modi as Nirav Bhai and facilitated a Rs. 35,000 crore bank loan to him. IT Department had alerted the Government seven months in advance from his actual leaving the country that he is a thief and going to run away from the country. Modi Ji allowed him to run away from the country. Now I would like to ask you Roop Singh Ji that how many youth of Alwar and Rajasthan were given employment by Nirav Modi with this amount of Rs. 35,000 crore. The people replied not even a single one. Now Roop Singh Ji leave aside Rs. 35,000 crore, even if you are given the bank loan of Rs. 15 lakh, had you not created employment in India more than the employment created by Nirav Modi. The Congress Government will offer loans to lakhs of youth like Roop Singh who are honest and not looters like Nirav Modi and Anil Ambani. Therefore, we shall open the doors of banks in Rajasthan to lakhs of youth like Roop Singh and this way we shall create employment in Rajasthan. 

Brothers and sisters don’t worry; you see no future for yourself in the Government of Vasundhara Ji and Modi Ji. You are worried and uncertain about your future. The youth think of committing suicide because they see no future for themselves. I tell you not to worry, you have the power, no one can stop you, and you realize your power, realize your knowledge and realize your energy. The whole world understands the power of your energy. US President says that they expect challenge only from India and China.

The Congress Party will build the future of Rajasthan with your co-operation, we shall work together and listen, and we shall not tell you what we have in our mind. Neither me nor the leaders of Rajasthan will tell you what we have in our mind rather we shall come to you. Come to the farmers in their fields, hold your hands and ask you to tell us what you have in your mind. We shall approach the youth, the unemployed youth to know what is in their mind and what they want. We shall ask them what they expect from the Government. The doors of our Government shall always be open for the people.

Your Chief Minister does not meet the people. She is always flying. Gehlot Ji had given you the facility of free medicines, Congress Party had given you MNREGA, Right to Food, loan-waiver and free medicines. We work for you; we have clear conscience and deliver what we promise. You might have listened the name of Lait Modi? Lalit Modi had directly put Rs. 10 crore in the account of son of Vasundhara Ji. 

The Congress Party will put your money directly in the pockets of farmers and youth and then utilize this money for the Hospitals, Colleges, Universities and Schools and you will feel that you are enjoying the change. You will feel that you are working for the country, working honestly in the factory and the Government in Rajasthan is not a Government that belongs to thieves like Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi and Anil Ambani but the Government of youth of Rajasthan. 

This was what I wanted to speak. You have shown your faith in Narendra Modi Ji, he implored you not to make him the Prime Minister of the country, but the ‘Chowkidar’ of the country. You made him he ‘Chowkidar’ but he became the ‘Chowkidar’ of Anil Ambani, Nirav Modi and Lalit Modi. You elect the Congress party Government in Rajasthan and that will be your own Government, the Government of workers of the Congress and the Government of the poor people. The Government of Rajasthan will take along all the people of Rajasthan and we shall not make false promises of Rs. 15 lakhs and 2 crore employment opportunities. What I would like to tell you that the Chief Minister of Congress Party will spend 18 hours a day among the youth, will listen to them and provide them the employment. 

So brothers and sisters, few days are left, stand up, this is a fight of ideology. The workers of Congress Party are like brave soldiers. Go to the polling booths and tell them what Congress Party is? What people of Rajasthan are? 

I thank you from bottom of my heart. My mothers and sisters you have come from far and wide, I have great regards for you and offer my gratitude and many-many thanks.          


Namaskar Jai Hind                              



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