Hon'ble Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi addressed the gathering at Aizawl, Mizoram

Hon'ble Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi addressed the gathering at Aizawl, Mizoram




Highlights on CP Speech: 20 November,  2018

Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi addressed the gathering at Aizawl, Mizoram.

Shri Rahul Gandhi said- Mr. Luizinho Falerio, Lal Thanhawla Ji, CL Raula ji, Lal Riliani Ji, Bhupen Bora Ji, Ampareen Lyngdoh Ji, Ministers, MLAs and candidates Congress Party workers, friends from the Press, Ladies and Gentlemen; I would like to welcome you here, today.

I am reminded of when I came here in 1987 with my father, as peace was beginning to settle in Mizoram, and he had toured Mizoram by car and he promised the people of Mizoram that he would deliver them a peaceful future. I am very proud to say that many years have gone by but Mizoram is today not only peaceful but also one of the most prosperous states in the country. And if per capita income has doubled over the last 10 years and if Mizoram is growing 20 per cent faster in terms of per capita income than the national average, then it is the people of Mizoram who are responsible. So I would like to thank the people of Mizoram, YMCA, Mizo Zirlai Pawl, the Student Union, the Civil Society, NGOs and the Church for making progress in Mizoram possible. It doesn't matter how much the BJP-RSS tries to sabotage the Congress Party, how many times they tell us to shift our meeting venue, the Congress Party is going to work with the people of Mizoram to give the people of Mizoram a great future.

There are two ideologies that are currently fighting for the future of India. On one side is the Congress Party and on the other is the BJP-RSS. The heart of the difference between the BJP-RSS and the Congress Party, is what the future of India should look like. The RSS and BJP feel that one ideology, one idea should be imposed on the rest of India. They want to crush local aspirations; they want to crush the histories, the languages and the culture of all our states. They do not want India’s different states to have different ways of looking at the world.

The Congress Party believes that every single person in India has the right to express himself, has the right to think about his future in the way he pleases. We want to defend the culture, the language, the history, the religion of your state. We believe that these are your choices and that you have the right to make whatever choice you think is important for your future. India has different states; Mizoram is, in terms of population, a smaller state when compared to say Uttar Pradesh. But we believe that every single Indian state has the right to protect its identity, its languages, its culture and its history. It is our belief that the best way to make India strong is to protect India’s diversity, to protect its different languages, to protect its different cultures, to protect its different ways of looking at the world. So, whether it is Bru, Chakma or Mizo people, it is only the Congress idea of unity, love and affection that can bring progress to Mizoram. By working with the BJP, the MNF is damaging the Mizo people, is harming your culture and is harming the way you want to build a prosperous Mizoram and I am confident that the Congress workers in Mizoram, the Congress ideology and the entire Congress Party will never ever let the BJP-RSS impose one ideology on this country.

They know that they are not going to be able to win another election; they know that in 2019 the Indian people are going to whole heartedly reject them and throw them out of power. So, they are trying to infiltrate their people into every single institution of the country. Whether it is the Planning Commission or the judicial system, or the education system, the Governors, wherever they can place a person with their ideology, with their bigoted way of looking at the world, they place that person there. 

Merit does not matter if you are a member of the RSS, you can become a Governor, you can become a Vice-Chancellor, you can run any of India’s institutions, the only thing you have to agree to is what they believe in. They have destroyed the RBI, the CBI, they are attacking the Election Commission and for the first time in our history four Supreme Court Judges have said that they are not being allowed to do their work by the Government and by the RSS. But, I want to assure you that we are going to fight and defeat the BJP-RSS in the country and we are going to protect the identity of Mizoram and every single other Indian state. We are going to protect your language, we are going to protect your way of looking at the world, your culture and your historic identity and nobody, but the people of Mizoram are going to decide the future of Mizoram.

The future of Mizoram will not be decided in Nagpur, the future of Mizoram will be decided in Mizoram by Mizo people. I want to commend the people of Mizoram that even after all the discouragement, even after the Modi Government has not supported you in the least, you have shown the Modi Government that Mizoram can grow at 14%, which is one of the highest growth rates in the country. And while farmers are committing suicide across the country in BJP ruled states, Mizoram’s Horticulture and Agriculture grew by 45% and cultivation of pineapples grew by 900%. The reason is revolutionary policies carried out by the Congress Party, like the new Land Use Policy and the new Economic Development Policy. We believe in the people and the farmers of Mizoram and that is why the Land Use Policy has benefited 1.68 lakh families in the state. Farmers in Mizoram get respect and they get permanent land for cultivation where as the BJP snatches land from farmers, steals land from farmers. The Congress Party in Mizoram has given land to the people of Mizoram and each beneficiary receives one lakh in their account and he is allotted one trade of their choice; Agriculture, Horticulture, Sericulture, Fisheries, Handicrafts and this provides employment to people. The Prime Minister has a lot to learn from the farmers of Mizoram. Some of the solutions to the agricultural problems in the country can be found in the state of Mizoram. The new Economic Development Policy will increase bamboo cultivation by 300% in the next two years and will generate tremendous revenues for those families who are working with bamboo.

The last time I had come, I had committed and promised that we will develop a Medical College over here. I am proud to say that the first Medical College has been inaugurated here in August this year. The Chief Minister has mentioned to me that 2,000 crore is being allotted for infrastructure development in the city alone and under the Aizawl Traffic Jam Free Project, new roads will be built and once implemented, it will ease the congestion in the city completely. We are proud that the youth Olympics weightlifting gold medalist Jeremy Lalrinnunga is from this city. The new Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, the aquatic complex and the multipurpose sports complex built by the Congress Government is going to ensure that many more such talents are successful. We are going to construct Racing Tracks to encourage Motor sports in Mizoram and I hope in the near future, Mizoram will become a favored destination for Motor Sports.

Our vision for Mizoram is to connect Mizoram with the rest of the world. We want to make Mizoram a centre for cross border trade. The Kaladan Transport project which will connect India with Myanmar and the rest of Asia is nearing completion. Once we are elected to power we will expedite the construction of Bairabi Sairang railway project that will connect Mizoram with the rest of the country and we will make Mizoram the eastern gateway of India. 

It is our endeavor to provide 11,000 new jobs in one year and make Mizoram an eco-tourism centre. But none of this, none of this is going to be possible, if the culture, the feelings, the language and the history of your wonderful State is attacked and destroyed. Your future has to be built on your past, and the strength of the people of Mizoram is your history and your past. And it is because we understand the connection between your past and your future that we defend your past.

You must have seen that Prime Minister Modi and the BJP have a tremendous amount of money, they are visible on TV and in all the newspapers. You know that getting time on Television, getting pictures put in the newspaper is very expensive. So, you must ask yourself a question; Where does Narendra Modi and the BJP get the money to place so many ads, to get so many hours of national television? So I want to give you an example of the type of corruption that the Prime Minister is carrying out to show you where the money that the BJP uses is coming from.

When the UPA Government was in power; the Air Force came to the Government and said we need a new fighter aircraft. UPA Government asked the Air Force to assess and identify an aircraft for themselves. After 8 years of work, the Air Force identified a French Aircraft called the Rafale and negotiated a price of Rs. 526 crore for one aircraft. The UPA Government added two conditions to that, we said that the aircraft must be built by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., a Public Sector Company, and it must be built in India so that thousands and thousands and our youngsters including youngsters from Mizoram can get high-tech jobs in building the Rafale.

The deal was finalised and the PM Modi came to power. One of the first things he did was he went to France with his friend Anil Ambani. Anil Ambani owes 45,000 crore rupees to the Indian Public Sector Banks. Anil Ambani has never built an aircraft in his life. HAL has been building military aircrafts for Indian Air Force for 70 years. Prime Minister Modi personally went to the President of France and changed the Rafale deal. He told the President of France, that India will not buy 126 planes, India will buy 36 planes. The planes will not be made in India, they will be made in France and the planes will not be made by HAL. Anil Ambani will get the contract to make the planes. Now you might ask how does Rahul Gandhi know what the Indian Prime Minister told the French President, well I know because the French President has told the media that the Indian Prime Minister came to him and clearly said that Anil Ambani should be given the contract and that India was going to pay 1600 crores instead of Rs. 526 crores for the same plane.

Friends, the Prime Minister of India gave Rs. 30,000 crore to Anil Ambani. It costs Rs. 35,000 crore to run the MGNREGA project in the entire country for one year. That is approximately how much money Narendra Modi gave to one businessman. Whose money is this? this is your money! it is the money of the people of Mizoram, the people of India and the Indian Air Force.

So, the next time you see the PM lecturing you on TV, please do keep in mind that it is your money that he uses to market himself and put advertisements in the newspapers and in the Television.

It is your stolen money that is being used by the BJP to enter Mizoram and destroy the culture, the language and the religion of Mizoram.  That is why, it is important that we defend Mizoram’s culture from the BJP and their allies, the MNF. Do not give the keys of Mizoram to the BJP through the MNF. That is what I want to tell you today.

I want to conclude by telling you that my family has always had a relationship with the people of Mizoram and the people of North-East, and this is not a political relationship. This is a relationship of people who care for each other. It is an emotional relationship and I want to tell you and through you the people of Mizoram and the youngsters of Mizoram that you have a man in Delhi. You have a Congress Chief Minister but don’t forget that you have a representative of the people of Mizoram in Delhi and that is Rahul Gandhi.

And sometimes you must feel that you know Mizoram is a small state and there are such big states in India like Uttar Pradesh with hundreds of millions of people, but I want you to know that as far as I am concerned, Mizoram is as important as any other state in India. The People of Mizoram are as important as any other state in this country.

I am not going to come here and lie to you and make you fake promises like Mr. Narendra Modi does and tell you that you know we are going to give 15 lakh Rupees to every person, because I respect you, I respect your intelligence and I view you as partners in the development of Mizoram, but I want all of you to feel comfortable to approach me at any point if there is something you want me to help with in Mizoram. Doesn’t matter how small it is, does not matter what it is. If you feel that I can help you in any way, my doors are always open to the people of Mizoram. And to the youth of Mizoram I want to say that you have made us very-very proud in the field of sports and I am confident that you are going to do much more in the coming future. It makes me very proud to see, the youngsters of the Mizoram excelling in different fields across the country. 


I would like to thank you for inviting me here to speak to you and thank you once again for all the love and affection that you have showed me. All the best.


Jai Hind. 


(Vineet Punia)


Communication Deptt.