Hon'ble Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi addressed the ‘Kisan Rally’ in Jaipur

Hon'ble Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi addressed the ‘Kisan Rally’ in Jaipur




Highlights of the CP Speech: 09 January 2019

Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi addressed the ‘Kisan Rally’ at Jaipur in Rajasthan.

English translation of the Highlights of the speech (for reference only)

At the outset, I extend my thanks to the people, farmers, youth and my mothers and sisters of Rajasthan for reposing their faith in the Congress Party. The victory of Congress Party in these elections is actually your victory for which the workers of Congress Party have also contributed their sweat and blood. As such, I would like to tell the people, the farmers, the youth and mothers and sisters in clear terms that our Chief Minister, our Ministers and our MLAs have been elected to work for you. Our doors are always open for you. Our duty is to listen to your voice and understand your pain and act accordingly. 

During the elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, the farmers had raised their voice saying that they do not see any ray of hope. The problems being faced by the farmers in Rajasthan are also the problems of every farmer in this country. Today, the farmer in this country is unable to see his future with clarity. We had promised during elections that the farmers’ loan would be waived-off within ten days of our forming the Government and today I am happy to announce from this stage that the Government of Rajasthan waived-off the farmers’ loan within two days of forming the Government. The people of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh have given a clear message to Narendra Modi Ji that he will have to waive-off the loan of all farmers in the country. The Congress Party will not let him rest till he waives-off the outstanding farm loans throughout the country. In the event of his failing to do so, as soon as the Congress Party Government comes to power in the year 2019, it will waive-off the farmers’ loan in all the States. 

Waiving off the farmers’ loan is only the first step towards farmers’ welfare, but it will not end their problems. To find ultimate solution to their problems, a strategy has to be evolved. We had asked for justice for the farmers from Shri Narendra Modi Ji. In every speech, I have said that if Narendra Modi can waive-off a loan of Rs. 3.50 crore outstanding against 15 rich people, then he should also waive-off the loan of farmers in all States of the country. We have taken a first step towards giving justice to the farmers but I would like to tell the Chief Ministers of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh that waiving-off the farmers’ loan is not going to solve all their problems. We have to think from a new perspective and will have to initiate renewed ‘Green Revolution’, which made the country self-sufficient in food more than 30 years back. On the similar lines, the farmers of this country need to be connected to every plate in the dining room of each house-hold. To achieve this objective, we are going to set-up food processing plants near the farmers’ fields where they grow food grains, tomatoes, potatoes etc. Mega Food Parks would be set-up and we are going to link the farmers with the world economy and the major cities of the world. I had a detailed discussion in this regard with Gehlot Ji and Sachin Pilot Ji. 

By setting cold-chains and bringing in a new technology, we will work to change the life of farmers. These elections have shown Shri Narendra Modi Ji the power of the farmers of India. We would like to tell the world that the largest asset of this country is our farmers and they can feed not only the people of the country but the whole world. In the cricketing terms, the farmers of the country should not bat on the back foot rather they should play on the front foot. Narendra Modi Ji played on the back foot for about 5 years. The farmers of this country and the youth of this country need not fear anyone. The competition is clear, you need not fear competition. The choice is between Make-in-India and Make-in-China. 

Narendra Modi Ji had been on a promise making spree for the past 5 years, but we have delivered on our promises. Narendra Modi Ji made promise of employment to the youth repeatedly and the youth of this country is tired of listening to the fake promises. Instead of translating his promises into reality, Shri Narendra Modi Ji brought in demonetization and GST devastating the small shopkeepers and small businesses. Larger funds from the public sector bank went to the coffers of the big capitalist like Anil Ambani and their crony friends. How much of the funds from the banking system were utilized for the youth, farmers, small shopkeepers and small and medium businesses? 

Now I would like to say something in brief about the corruption in Modi Government. Why Narendra Modi Ji removed CBI Director at 1.30 hours in the middle of the night? Now the Supreme Court has restored the CBI Director. Narendra Modi Ji removed CBI Director fearing action in Rafale deal but the Supreme Court reversed the Government’s decision. We demand JPC enquiry into the Rafale deal because under this deal signed by Shri Narendra Modi, he removed HAL from the contract, facilitated Rs. 30,000 crore contract to Anil Ambani’s company and the former President of France clearly stated that it was Shri Narendra Modi who put up a pre-condition of giving contract to Shri Anil Ambani’s company. Public funds do not belong to BJP or Congress Party or the Prime Minister or to any Chief Minister. The money belongs to the people of this country. We raised the questions on Rafale deal in the court of the public. We demanded Shri Narendra Modi Ji to come forward to explain his stand on the Rafale deal and the Congress Party would give its viewpoint on the issue but you have seen that the Prime Minister, who claims to have a chest of 56”, did not show courage to enter the Parliament on the day. The Defence Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman delivered a speech of 2-1/2 hours but all her arguments were thrown to the wind since she could not give a satisfactory reply to even a single question. Narendra Modi Ji ran away to Punjab with the excuse of delivering a speech in some University but he could not gather the courage to enter Lok Sabha because the fact remains that this ‘Chowkidar’ has actually committed a theft. 

I would like to place the same question before the youth of Rajasthan which I had raised before Narendra Modi Ji. The question is that the Air Force, the bureaucrats of the Defence Ministry, negotiated the Rafale deal for 8 long years, Shri Narendra Modi scrapped that deal, removed HAL from the deal and got off-set contract for Anil Ambani’s company. My question is whether you consulted the Air Force people before scrapping the deal? Whether the Defence Ministry officials had raised any objections on the fresh deal? If so, what were their objections? Whether they had asked about the grounds on which the original contract was scrapped? These were my questions. The Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman did not say even Yes or No on these questions because ‘Chowkidar’ has committed a theft and it had been proved in the mind of every youth of this country. 

Now the time has come for the youth of this country to take a decision in the year 2019 and the youth of India is going to take the same decision as has been taken by the youth in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. I avail this opportunity to tell the farmers, youth, mothers and sisters that we will not force our thoughts on you.  But we will listen to what you have in your mind. We know the youth are facing the problem of employment and the farmers have various problems. We will address      those problems and will make all out efforts to solve the problems. Our Government will work for 18 hours a day to obviate the pain and uncertainty in the mind of people and the youth. Loan waiver is only a small step in that direction. 

Narendra Modi Ji spreads hatred. We may be having ideological difference with BJP but we shall not disrespect any office, be it the office of Chief Minister or the Prime Minister. We shall give due respect to the persons holding these offices but if in the Rafale deal Shri Narendra Modi Ji has given a benefit of Rs. 30,000 crore to Shri Anil Ambani in an illegal manner, justice will be done in this case. There will be no victimization and no undue pressure will be exerted, but the justice will prevail.

I would like to say to Congress workers that all the offices of Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, Ministers and MLAs would always be open for you. You and me have a direct connection. My doors will always remain open for the people, youth, the farmers and workers; you are welcome to reach me out for any problem. Rahul Gandhi has not won this election, this victory is of the people of Rajasthan, all the workers and leaders of the Congress Party.           




(Vineet Punia)


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