Hon'ble Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi's speech at Gadwal, Telangana

Hon'ble Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi's speech at Gadwal, Telangana




Highlights of the CP Speech: December 03, 2018

(English translation only for the reference)

Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi addressed a huge Public Meeting at Gadwal, Telangana.

Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi said- RC Khuntia Ji, Uttam Kumar Reddy Ji, Sudhakar Reddy Ji, Professor Kodandaram Ji, Gaddar Ji, Shri Nandi Yellaiah Ji,  Manda Krishna Madiga Ji, D.K. Samarasimha Reddy, Challa Venkatram Reddy, Sudhakar Ji, Surya Prakash Reddy Ji, our candidates DK Aruna Ji, Sampath Kumar Ji, Leaders and workers of Indian National Congress, TDP, CPI, TJS, Brothers and Sisters, our friends from media, you are all welcome here, Namashkar.

Five years back, the people of Telangana had envisioned a dream of new Telangana, a dream of bright future, a dream of ‘Neelu, Nidlu and Niyamakalu’, and that of ‘Bangaru Telangana’. KCR became the Chief Minister of Telangana and established the rule of one family in the state. We can see the voice of Telangana sitting on the stage. Now, the question arises, as to how your dream was dashed to the ground? On water, you were cheated, on employment, you were cheated and on your money, you were cheated by KCR. Here, we had proposed Palamuru Rangareddy project at a cost of Rs. 10,000 crores. KCR Ji redesigned the project and increased the cost of the project to Rs. 60,000 crores and in a manner, the contractor friends of KCR and his family were benefitted to the tune of thousands of crores of Rupees. You were denied the Neelu, the water that was your due. The Congress Party will complete the Palamuru Rangareddy project in two phases. But, the fact of the matter is that the people of Telangana have given KCR Ji a new name for redesigning various projects. Even every child in Telangana knows that KCR stands for ‘Khao Commision Rao’.

When your state came into existence, it has no debt, rather, it was a revenue surplus state with a surplus of Rs. 17,000 crore. Now, after five years Telangana has been under a debt of Rs. 2.5 lakh crores. It is beyond imagination that every family in Telangana has a debt of Rs. 2.5 lakhs. On one hand, every family in Telangana has been put under a debt of Rs. 2.5 lakhs and on the other hand, the income of the son of the Chief Minister of Telangana has multiplied by 400 percent. Coming to Niyamakalu, every youth of Telangana had asked for employment. Today there are 30 lakh qualified youth unemployed in Telangana. How many youth have been given employment by the KCR during the past five years? The whole Telangana knows that KCR has damaged the interests of lakhs of youth while denying them fee-reimbursement. The people of Telangana had a dream of ‘Bangaru Telangana’, but, the reality they are facing is that of ‘Bangaru Kutumbam’ (KCR family).

Farmers are committing suicide in the country and in the state of Telangana. UPA Government had brought in Land Acquisition Law to protect the land of the farmers and of the Tribals. As per the law, every farmer was entitled for four times the market rate for their land acquisition. The proposed law had a provision that the land of the farmers could not be acquired without their consent. We had introduced Tribal Bill to give lease of land to the farmers. It was clearly provided in the bill that the tribals will be given complete benefits of their water, forest and land resources. All these legal provisions were diluted, weakened and nullified by KCR in Telangana and when the farmers in Telangana were fighting for their land, for fair prices of their produce and MSP, they were treated violently, attacked and hand-cuffed.

As soon as the Congress led Government comes to power in Telangana, we shall waive off the farmers loan. If Modi Ji can waive off the loan of Rs. 3.5 lakh crores of 15 people, then the Congress Party will also waive off the loans of farmers in Telangana. Farmers are not given fair prices for their produce, the Congress Party will provide them the fair prices for their produce- Rs. 2,000 for paddy, Rs. 7,000 for cotton, Rs. 10,000 for chilly and Rs. 10,000 for turmeric. The farmers will get due remuneration for their hard work.

KCR has stated that the people of Telangana have no understanding, they are not mature. The people of Telangana elected KCR as the Chief Minister, but, KCR doesn’t give them respect. KCR Ji should beg apology from the people of Telangana, from the farmers of Telangana and from the youth of Telangana for disrespecting them in this manner. KCR has also stated that after the election he will take rest. It is up to him, if he desires to take rest, he is free to take rest, but, he will be having rest in a mansion of Rs. 300 crores. KCR had promised the people of Telangana that he would provide two bedroom house to every individual. He had promised to construct 22 lakh houses, but, had not constructed even five thousand houses. He had promised three acres of land to Tribals and Dalits, but, failed to fulfill this promise as well.  

KCR should explain to the people of Telangana the reasons for his failure to fulfill his promise of providing the houses to the people. He will be resting in a house of Rs. 300 crores whereas the people of Telangana have no shelter. If KCR had a soft corner in his heart for the people of Telangana, he would have constructed houses for them, wherein the people of Telangana could also afford to take rest. When the Congress Government comes to power in Telangana, we shall fulfill the promise made by KCR of providing dwelling units to the people. We shall provide five lakh Rupees for the construction of house to the homeless people. We shall revive the old pension system. We shall provide Rs. 3,000 unemployment allowance to every unemployed youth and shall allocate 20 percent of the budget allocation for the education to establish colleges, universities and schools. A thirty bed hospital would be set up in every Division and every individual will be entitled for a free medical treatment upto Rs. Five lakhs. Tribals will be given reservation in proportion to their population. The decision of Dalit categorization taken by the undivided Andhra Legislative Assembly will be fulfilled.

Lastly, I would like to speak about TRS, BJP and AIMIM. In India, the fight is on two political fronts. On one side, there is Narendra Modi and on the other side, the Congress Party. In Telangana, on one side, there is TRS, KCR Ji, and on the other side, our alliance. In our alliance, there are different parties including Gaddar Ji, Kodandaram Ji, Congress Party, CPI, TDP, TJS. It is a matter of regret that the Chief Minister of Telangana has extended all possible support to Narendra Modi Ji during the past five years.  Be it the Presidential elections or the Vice-President Elections, KCR supported Modi Government. There was protest against demonetization throughout the country, our mothers and sisters protested against demonetization, but, KCR under pressure from Modi Ji praised demonetization and Gabbar Singh Tax (GST).

Now look, Narendra Modi Ji has been attacking me in all his speeches during the past five years. You go through my speeches, I am waging day to day fight against the wrong policies of BJP-RSS and Narendra Modi Ji. Me and the Congress Party do not retract even an inch from our stated view point. But, Narendra Modi Ji never speaks anything against Telangana Chief Minister because he knows that his remote control is in his (Modi Ji) hands. The real name of TRS is not TRS, but, TRSS and the only aim of this TRSS is to ensure that Narendra Modi remains the Prime Minister of India and BJP rules over India and KCR rules the Telangana. Therefore, keep in mind that there is a relationship and partnership between TRS and Narendra Modi Ji and they work in tandem and we shall remove TRS from Telangana and then Narendra Modi Ji and BJP from Delhi. The alliance we have formed will not budge even an inch from our stand.

My mothers and sisters, you have come from far and wide facing lot of inconvenience, my sincere gratitude to you all. You listened to me with patience and affection; I give my heartiest thanks for that.

Namashkar, Jai Hind, Jai Telangana.  



(Vineet Punia)


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