BJP reveals its double standards

Tue, 15 May 2018

BJP reveals its double standards

The Karnataka election showed that the Modi led BJP government follows the constitution depending on what they stand to gain from it. As the results came in, the BJP emerged as the single largest with 104 seats but short of the required 113 to form the government. The Congress party with its 78 seats offered support to JD(S) that had 37 seats to form the government. However, the governor, Vajubhai Vala, has given the BJP time to prove majority.

The BJP has accused the Congress of disrespecting the mandate of the people of Karnataka and trying to get a backdoor entry. Yet in three instances when the Congress was the single largest party the BJP went ahead to form the government with post-poll alliances. Arun Jaitley even tweeted after the Goa election that in a hung assembly the Governor would be constitutionally right in inviting the majority coalition to form the government.

In Goa, the Congress party had 17 seats of 40 while the BJP had 13, yet the BJP was allowed to form the government.

In Manipur, the Congress party had 28 of the total 60 seats but the BJP with 21 seats formed the government with a post-poll alliance.

In Meghalaya, the Congress had 21 of 60 seats and the BJP had just 2 but the governor invited the BJP coalition to form the government.

In Karnataka, the Congress party had the largest vote share – with 1,38,24,005 it received 1.8% more votes than the BJP. Yet the leaders of BJP continue to cry foul claiming that Karnataka is nothing like Goa. Despite contacting MLAs from Congress and the JD(S), their dirty politics is considered strategic.