PM is running on a treadmill but going nowhere: Abhishek Singhvi

Thu, 24 May 2018

PM is running on a treadmill but going nowhere: Abhishek Singhvi

Abhishek Singhvi, MP, Congress party, asked the government of Tamil Nadu and the BJP at the center pressing questions over the incident in Tuticorin, where 12 people have lost their lives during the Sterlite protest.

1.     Why is the Prime Minister still silent on the Tuticorin disaster?

2.     The PM has plenty of time to throw challenges and counter challenges,  Mr. Sanghvi said that “you are all running on a treadmill but not getting anywhere. You might be fit for cameras and fit for jumlas, but are you fit for governance? The answer is clearly no.”  He said that it was strange to see a Prime Minister that remains silent on the fuel challenge, the Tuticorin challenge, and the women’s security challenge but sends a counter challenge of a fitness challenge. Mr. Singhvi called this deplorable.

3.     In 2013, the UPA changed the rule so that a plant in a designated industrial zone need not have environmental clearance as long as the zone had it. The NDA reversed it in December 2014 so that a plant in an industrial zone need not have industrial clearance even if the zone does not have clearance.

4.     Despite the firings and deaths, none of the officers were fired, only transferred. Suspensions are done pending inquiry.

5.     There has been a judicial retired judge inquiry but that has no time limit.

6.     Has anyone fixed accountability to which officer was responsible when many years ago the project was rejected and moved out of Maharashtra after public projects?

7.     The condition imposed was that it should not be less than 25 kilometers away from the Munar islands, international reports have said that the plant is well within this

8.     Will the CM explain why he has not visited the site till date?

9.     Will the Prime Minister explain why apart from giving advice to the Tamil Nadu government, is the PM of the view that the CM of TN is fit to be dismissed?

10. Has responsibility been fixed as to who ordered these firings? An SOP requires that guns are not used at all. If at all guns are used they are first required to be rubber.

11. This is a 100-day old protest and many days ago it was announced that on the 22nd of May this protest would take place. Since it was not a surprise how is it that the police had to resort to such brutal means?


Mr. Singhvi has asked the government to these questions, if not all, then at least some. He said that the Tamil Nadu government has forfeited the political, moral and ethical right to rule and the very least that should be done is an apology both by the Tamil Nadu government and the Central government.