Shri Rahul Gandhi Warns of “Economic Devastation” Due to Coronavirus

Shri Rahul Gandhi Warns of “Economic Devastation” Due to Coronavirus Thu, 19 Mar 2020

Shri Rahul Gandhi Warns of “Economic Devastation” Due to Coronavirus

Congress leader Shri Rahul Gandhi on 18th March allerted the media and the central government of an impending "economic devastation" in the coming six months. He said that the "people of the country are going to go through unimaginable pain" if India isn’t able to prepare itself amid the coronavirus outbreak, keeping in mind that global markets have suffered record losses in the last two weeks because of the highly contagious illness.

"Indian economy is going to be devastated. You don't know how painful this is for the country," he told the media this morning, referring to the novel coronavirus or COVID-19.

"I will tell u a story... In Andaman and Nicobar, before the tsunami came, the water went out. When the water went out, everybody went to get the fish. When they went, the water (levels) came up. I have been warning the government. They are fooling around... they are not clear about what to do," adding that "Coronavirus is like a tsunami".

"India should be preparing itself not just for COVID-19 but for the economic devastation that's coming. I am saying it again and again. I am sorry to say this but our people are going to go through unimaginable pain in the next six months," he said.

Shri Rahul Gandhi has been at the forefront of the attack against the slow movement over coronavirus outbreak as the number of cases continue to rise in the country, making it more and more dangerous.

Last week, he had tweeted: "I will keep repeating this. The coronavirus is a huge problem. Ignoring the problem is a non-solution. The Indian economy will be destroyed if strong action is not taken. The government is in a stupor," Mr Gandhi tweeted this morning."

Earlier he said, “Our Prime Minister is sleeping at the wheel. He does not understand these things, unfortunately, I am telling you, the Prime Minister of India is clueless about the economy, about how these things work and we are heading for an accident as a nation," Mr Gandhi told reporters outside the parliament.