Dilli Ke Dil Ki Baat Congress Ke Saath

While the voices of the people in Delhi are being silenced and buried, we are here to welcome and listen to them. At the eve of the Delhi elections of 2020, the Congress Party has chosen to include the people of Delhi in the Manifesto process. It’s your city and we are ready to be in conversation and take into consideration all of your troubles, woes and worries. We believe that it is the time of consultations, and that communication is the key that will help us help you. To do so, we have launched a campaign to crowdsource ideas for the manifesto that we will present to you with regard to the upcoming elections.

Dilli ke Dil ki Baat Congress ke Saath has been launched by senior leader, Dr. Shashi Tharoor along with Delhi Congress President, Shri Subhash Chopra. Dr. Tharoor has rightly explained the campaign by saying, “We believe that the time has come to consult the people of Delhi. The Samvaad is to have a two-way communication. We will release our manifesto in due course, which will be our message to the people. But before we release our manifesto, we want to get the people's message to us.” 

There will be various interactive sessions and Facebook live talks that will help us get insights into what you, the people of Delhi, believe in. We have introduced a Whatsapp number and a missed call facility for people to reach us. We also welcome your suggestions or feedback, which you can send to us on our Delhi Facebook pageTwitter handle or via e-mail. Another way to reach us is by submitting your views on the manifesto on our website, 'Dillikibaat.com.'

We believe that such a platform was absolutely essential in light of the current situation in Delhi; where dissent is suppressed, prices are hiked, students are attacked and peaceful protestors are detained. India is a democracy and we want to live by it, and that’s why we encourage all of you to express your dissent and your anger with the current state of Delhi, and give us suggestions on how to make it better. The manifesto should truly express and reflect the wishes of people, and that’s what we aim to do.

We want all of you, from all sections of society, genders, religions and ages to come forward and express your demands. You are the people of Delhi, who truly represent the Capital, and so you should be the ones with a say in the manifesto. You speak, we will listen.