Modi govt shuns global data, but even Indian data shows hunger

The Modi Govt can deny that India's rank in the Global Hunger Index slipped from 107th out of 121 countries in 2022 to 111th out of 125 countries in 2023.

But would they deny the following?

  1. Is it not true that 35.5% of children under the age of five are stunted? Which means their height has not grown with their age.
  2. Is it not a fact that 19.3% of children in India are wasted? Which means they weigh less than the national average for their height.
  3. Is it incorrect that 57% of our women, aged between 15 and 49 years, are anaemic?
  4. Is it untrue that in Modi Govt's Budget 2023–24, the Food Subsidy saw an astounding decrease of 31.28%—that is, one-third of its funds were slashed?
  5. Is it not a fact that 74% of Indians were not able to afford a healthy diet due to backbreaking, food-snatching, and price rise imposed by the BJP?

We are putting out Indian numbers published by the GOI based on our own National Health and Family Survey NFHS-5, 2019–2021, and Indian experts.

It is another story that even the Global Hunger Index, which is scrutinised by experts, is based on food balance sheets reported by us (India) and is even used for UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but the Modi government now does not accept it.

The Modi government can also claim that food grains are being distributed to 80 Cr Indians, but according to experts, even that number is short of a whopping 14 Cr people because Census 2021 is indefinitely delayed.

It was the Congress-UPA that brought in the Food Security Act, 2013 under PM Dr. Manmohan Singh and Smt. Sonia Gandhi. The BJP was opposed to it.

The nation has not forgotten the then CM Shri Modi's shameful remark on our Gujarat girls and malnutrition!